Riccardo Evangelisti

(Ceprano 1971 -)


Evangelisti's works were already critically acclaimed before he graduated with his diploma in the Arts. Son of the curator of a Frosinone art gallery, he has had the opportunity to meet and be inspired by artists throughout his life, and develop his talents from a very young age.

His style has evolved and matured during his career, and he holds the work of Caravaggio as his reference point as he works to perfect his hyperrealism, choosing mainly still lifes as his subjects.
Through his father, Evangelisti was able to meet Maestro Luciano Ventrone, studying under him first in his studio in Casalpalocco near Rome and later in Collelongo near Aquila.

In 1996, Evangelisti was invited the XII Quadrennial "Ultime Generazioni" in Rome's Palazzo delle Esposizioni, which was the first real recognition of his work.