Tom Porta

(Milan 1966 -)


Tom Porta was born in 1966 in Milan from a middle class family, his father is an industrial designer the mother a teacher. Since childhood, Tom has developed a strong interest in drawing and art. The drawing in fact becomes his favorite pastime and he becomes an avid comic book consumer who obsessively reproduces searching the technique and the interpretation that, shortly, he will manifest.
In 1988 after graduating Master of Art and experimental applied arts, Tom began a journey of life and work through various expressive forms, from illustration to photography.
From 1986 to 1993 he lives and works in Germany, France, Japan and the United States collecting life experiences that, later, will play a fundamental role in the realization of his works.
From 2003 he finds in painting his most complete and expressive language in that form, which from that year becomes the only one and to which he devotes himself relentlessly.
Tom gets an almost immediate success becoming a prominent figure among contemporary painters so that, in 2007, is inserted in the list of the hundred most important contemporary Italian artists.
Porta appears in important catalogues such as "500 Years of Italian painting", Sotheby's and Christie's and has exhibited in numerous personal and collective throughout Italy, Europe and the United States.