J.J. Marino

(Napoli, Italy -)


J. J. Marino was born in Napoli, Italy on the year of 1978. In his artworks, people are en route to a location unbeknownst to the audience. The small figures may all seem very similar, but every figure in his paintings has their own set of colors, personality, and energy; thus he precisely captures the real world. When one observes a group of people, they are often seen as a unit, without any particularity of individuals. However, a group of people is ultimately a sum of various human beings. The gestures of the crowds seen in Marino’s paintings are cheerful and lively as if they are dancing across; the destination they approach is a happy one.


Solo Exhibition

2017 People, Able Fine Art NY Gallery, NY, USA

Group Exhibition

2017 Able Fine Art NY Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Art Fairs

2018 BAMA (Busan Annual Market of Art), Busan, Korea
Art Expo New York, New York, US
Art Expo Las Vegas, Nevada, US
2017 Affordable Art Fair Singapore, Singapore
Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Affordable Art Fair Battersea, London, UK
Affordable Art Fair New York, New York, USA
GIAF(Gyeongnam International Art Fair), Gyeongnam, Korea