Philippe Shangti


Philippe Shangti was born and raised in Toulouse, France. From an early age, he showed great interest in aesthetics and fashion and quickly developed a passion for art and photography.?After starting off as a model, the shy young man soon took his place behind the camera and began to capture the elements of the environment that surrounded him through his remarkable eye and a perception all of his own.?In 2006 a great adventure began, decisive for this ambitious artist, when he left his home town for Saint-Tropez, the shrine of beauty and extravagance.

One meeting with was enough to put him on the right path. Philippe Shangti conceived and took the leadership of a new restaurant and lounge, le Quai, which is ideally located in Saint-Tropez, the most legendary port in the world.?Allowing his instinct and creative energy to guide him, the venue soon became the essential meeting place for nights in Saint-Tropez, frequented by the elite and the international jet set.?Philippe observed all the various facets to those nights. His fresh and immersed eye awoke and inspired the photographer. He draws on this universe and its exuberance in creating colourful and offbeat works, with a hint of provocation.

Since 2008, the work « No Cocaine Here » and its immediate success gave the artist the opportunity to engage with the controversial world of drugs and sex.?Philippe Shangti then exhibited his art in 2009 and sold his first work to Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, who were charmed by his showmanship and crazy vision.?The colours cling, and details – thoughtful and meticulous – call to mind. The potency of the photographer is revealed by the messages that run through his work.?From 2011 to 2013, for his series « Art vs. Drugs », « Plastic Doll », or again « Botox Suicide », he highlights the taboos of our society in a colourful, psychedelic and fun way – committed and deliciously crazy.