Carlos BOIX


Born in La Havana in 1949, Carlos Boix lives in Geneva since 2013, after living in Stockholm, Algiers, Tunis, Paris and Madrid.

At the age of 18, he won the first prize at the Salon du Dessin in Havana. When he was not smoking "culebras" in the pineapple fields, he attended the workshops of René Portocarrero (1912-1986) and Mariano Rodriguez (1912-1990). In ’74, he participated with them in the realization of a collective fresco under Fidel Castro’s request. He was then working at Caiman Barbu (El Caiman Barbudo).

The Swedish Boix has dragged its pots of colors and Italian costumes to four continents, ebbing a trail of personal exhibitions in the most recommendable galleries and accumulating a list of collectors fascinated by his serial graphics, his fanciful palette and his imagination, without taboo. Stockholm, Algiers, Paris, Carthage, Geneva were the successive sets of his odyssey. Alain Jouffroy, José Pierre, Eduardo Manet, Fernando Arrabal, Olle Granath and Régis Debray wrote about his painting.

Vivacious and hardworking, epicurean and stakhanovist, Boix is ​​the paradoxical fruit of vital energy and sacred fire.

His works can be found in public and private collections in many European countries, the USA, Cuba, Colombia and Venezuela.

From 1984 to 2015, more than thirty exhibitions were devoted to him in Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Poland, Cuba, Tunisia and several prizes were devoted to him for his painting.