Inna Timokhina

(Russia -)


Inna Timokhina (aka INKA) is an international artist and a scientist, who spent her formative years in the New York City. She now lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland. She received a formal education in visual arts in Russia and a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Cornell University.
INKA’s artistic work has been vividly described in an article that appeared in the Aesthetica Magazine in May 2014:
“Mythical archetypes and molecular science find common ground in the work of Inna Timokhina, an artist-scientist with Siberian gypsy roots. INKA’s art explores the hidden patterns and energies behind our familiar world, emerging from the viewpoints of microscopic and molecular images of life and from esoteric dreamworlds of the deep psyche. Using inspiration from her work as a molecular biologist, INKA’s paintings depict unusual and dream-like scenes that appear to be in flux and evolving in unexpected and fantastic ways. As one of her collectors noted: ‘Depending on the mood and the viewpoint of the viewer, INKA’s paintings can trigger different and changing imaginations and emotions’. The energetic aspects of Inna’s art, sometimes enhanced with actual light sources and at other times mimicking an ‘infrared’ point of view, like in night vision, contribute to this effect. This alternative interpretation of familiar images has created the notion of ‘phantasmagoric dreamworld images’.”
Artists Statement
My art is a quest of identifying and visualizing hidden energies behind familiar processes or objects, with particular focus on amplifying positive energies. I usually start with a small sketch, where a portrait, landscape or abstraction has a unique “energy signature”. Energy can manifest itself, for example, as a wave pattern, glowing light or accelerating particles, and my “energy signatures” usually contain these elements. After the initial “energy signature” is captured, I begin the innovative process of “energy amplification”, using mixed media, such as fine silks, rare inks, resin, glitter and plexiglass. The resulting artwork has a modern, cheerful and glassy look, with vibrant colors, areas of transparency and self-glow effects.
Selected events include Affordable Art Fair Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, 2018; Art&Antiques Art Fair Olympia 2018; StArt Art Fair, Saatchi gallery, London 2017; Affordable Art Fair Singapore, 2017; PREMIER ART FAIR Hong Kong 2017; SCOPE Miami Beach 2016; SCOPE Basel 2016; SPECTRUM Miami Art Fair 2015; Exhibition at SPAZIO TADINI “Food and Art EXPO MILANO 2015”, GEMLUC Art 2014 -2016 (Monaco), Art Monaco 2013, 2014, 2015; ART.FAIR 2014 (Cologne), Affordable Art Fair 2013 (Battersea, London); Florence Biennale 2013, London Biennale 2013, Chianciano Biennale 2013; Red Dot Miami Art Fair 2011; Art Expo New York 2011, solo exhibition at the Museum of the Russian Art 2012(USA); "Views of the Orient" Contemporary Expressions of Asian-Pacific Art in a Global Culture at UBS Stamford Art Gallery (2011).

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2012 “The Dreamworld Art” at the Museum of the Russian Art (MORA), USA.
2011 “Guest Artist – Inna Timokhina” at the Art Gallery of Potomac, USA.
Selected Group Exhibitions:
2016​"Soyons fous, ne nous prenons pas au serieux" Exhibition-Competition at GemlucArt to raise funds for the fight against cancer. Monaco.
2015​“Soi même”. Exhibition-Competition at GemlucArt to raise funds for the fight against cancer. Monaco.
​"To feed the Planet; Energy for Life", group exhibition dedicated to Milano Expo 2015; at Spazio Tadini, Milano, Italy.
​”Restlessness”, Cratere Creativo Exhibition-Competition, organized by dall'Associazione Vesuviani in Cammino. Villa Ruoppolo, Naples, Italy.

“Fashion ART” Group Exhibition. Galerie Etienne de Causans; Paris, France

​Salon Art Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France
2014​"Elle et Lui" Exhibition-Competition at GemlucArt to raise funds for the fight against cancer. Monaco.
​“Small Wonders Piccole Meraviglie”. LINEA Spazio Arte Contemporanea. Firenze, Italy.
​“JAZZ a Nice” Group exhibition dedicated to Jazz. Galleria Monteoliveto, Nice, France.
​“La 7eme ART” Group exhibition dedicated to the Cinema - de Festival di Cannes. Galleria Monteoliveto, Nice, France.
2013​IX Florence Biennale, Firenze, Italy
​Chianciano Biennale, Museo d'Arte di Chianciano Terme, Chianciano (SI) Italy. Recipient of Certificate for Artistic Merit.
​“ART-LIKE” Group exhibition at Articblue Gallery, Ibiza, Spain.
​“Action Force” Group exhibition at Espace Kameleon, Paris, France.
​London Biennale at Chelsea old Town Hall, London, UK.
2012​"A Journey Into A Contemporary Secret Garden " at Onishi Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA​
​"Transcending Physicality Through Matter" at Articblue Gallery, Ibiza, Spain.
​Chuck Jones Center for Creativity “The Red Dot Auction – Celebrating the Chuck Jones Centennial”, Invited Artist; Costa Mesa, California, USA
2011​“Mini Solos” at Touchstone Gallery, Washington, USA.
​Chuck Jones Center for Creativity “The Red Dot Auction”, Invited Artist. Costa Mesa, CA USA
​"Views of the Orient" Contemporary Expressions of Asian-Pacific Art in a Global Culture at UBS Stamford Art Gallery, Connecticut, USA.


2018​Affordable Art Fair Singapore
​The Art & Antiques Fair Olympia
​Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong
​Affordable Art Fair New York, Spring edition
2017 Affordable Art Fair Singapore, Spring edition
2016​SCOPE Miami Beach, Miami FL USA
​“Gates of Paradise” Group Exhibition, Miami FL USA
2016​SCOPE Basel (Art Basel week) with Arte Ponte gallery, Basel, Switzerland.
​“SPECTRUM” Miami (Art Basel Miami week), Miami, FL USA
2015​“ART Monaco 2015” at Espace FONTVIEILLE. Monaco.
“Affordable Art Fair” Milan, Italy.
2014​ART 3F Mulhouse Art Fair at Parc Expo de Mulhouse, Mulhouse, France.
​“RED AND WHITE, the colors of Montecarlo” at Art Monaco, Grimaldi Forum, Monte Carlo, Monaco.
2013​ART.FAIR, Cologne, Germany.
​Art Monaco, at Grimaldi Forum, Monte Carlo, Monaco.
​Affordable Art Fair with Gagliardi Gallery, at Battersea Evolution, Battersea Park, London, United Kingdom.
2012​Parallax International Contemporary Art Fair (Art Basel Miami week), at Wynwood Convention Centre, Miami, FL.

Parallax International Contemporary Art Fair, at Chelsea old Town Hall, London UK.
2011​RED DOT Miami (Art Basel Miami week). Wynwood Art District, Miami FL USA.​​
ArtExpo New York, Solo Booth, Pier 94 on the Hudson River, New York, USA.
Selected Interviews/ Art Publications:
2018​Interview in London luxury life style magazine “Destig”, as part of the top artists of 2018 series
2017​Press release in Huadong Art Magazine ​
Press release in Artslant ​
2016 Press release in Artfix Daily ​​
​Press release in Artslant ​​
2015​Featured in Royal Monaco Magazine: ROYAL MONACO JULY N°24

2014​Interview with Aesthetica Magazine.
​Featured in Monaco Reporter “Gemluc Art Monaco – Art Suporting Health”

Interviews with the Artists “GemlucArt 2014”

​Featured in Royal Monaco Magazine: ROYAL MONACO OCTOBRE/NOVEMBRE N°21

2011 ​Press release Views of the Orient Contemporary Expressions of Asian-Pacific Art in a Global Culture
Asian Pacific Heritage Month Art Exhibition. UBS Stamford Art Gallery.
Potomac Almanac: Art Gallery Spotlights Timokhina and Spak.
Potomac Patch: Two Artists Envision Unique Perspectives.