Zhuang Hong Yi

(Sichuan province, China May 22, 1962 -)


Chinese artist Zhuang Hong Yi draws inspiration from his appreciation for nature and flowers. Based in the Netherlands since 1990, Zhuang discovered that the Netherlands' love for flowers was similar to that of China’s. Their underlying symbols, such as peace, happiness, and prosperity, resonate across the two cultures and others around the world.

Zhuang Hong Yi’s paintings are made of delicate rice paper, acrylic, and oil paint. Vibrant flower bed-like landscapes are brought to life as he meditatively folds and paints each ‘bloom’. The sculptural canvases find the middle ground between being delicate and subtle yet vibrant and expressive in attempts to preserve emotions evoked by nature. The artist’s practice stays playful and becomes more refined when he experiments with color, canvas size, and the pattern of ‘petals’ he can create with paper. Zhuang makes curiosity irresistible to the viewer as the alluring works often shift from one color to another when the piece is experienced at different points of view. The contemplation around the artist’s present and past sense of self can be seen visually, in the transitions from hue to hue and in his creative process. The act of making for the artist is organized, emotional, gestural, and carefully
Zhuang Hong Yi’s works can be found in various private and public collections including the Museum of Sichuan Fine Art in China, the Groninger and Stadsmuseum Zoetermeer in the Netherlands, as well as New York, Abu Dhabi, London, Hong Kong and others.

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