Barbara Segal


Barbara Segal is a sculptor and master stone carver, who lives and works in Yonkers, NY. She studied at Pratt Institute, NY, and the L’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris. She has worked in the great marble and bronze studios in Italy, alongside great artists and artisans at Tommasi Fonderia in Pietrasants and SGF Studio Scultura in the mountains above Carrara. Currently galleries throughout the United States and Europe represent Segal with solo exhibitions at The Neuberger Museum of Art, Vassar College and the Hudson River Museum. Segal has received public commissions, including New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) Arts and Design .

Recently Segal speaks about her work during a TedxPenn talk in 2018 entitled "Technique to concept : how learning Renaissance methods leads to creativity"

Schooled in the patterns and textures of Renaissance and Baroque masters, Segal creates pop and fashion icons in rare and exquisite stones.

Barbara's Designer Handbag series explores society’s long-standing obsession with status symbols and their cultural impact, while her Little Girl’s Dresses turn translucent stones into delicate layers of fabric and lace. “My work speaks of loss of social status and yearning to regain it, makes comparisons between objects of religious devotion and symbols of wealth and offers critique of the way popular culture encourages idol worship in the form of material goods”.