Camilo Matiz

(Bogota D.C. 16/04/1976 -)


Camilo Matiz, born in Bogotá Colombia in 1976, is an artist who has successfully explored cinematography, writing, photography and film. Started his career as a photographer in Sweden and developed his film career by producing his own written films.
In Colombia he started working with PS Films Productions and RCN Televisión and then he co-founded Colombo Films, an image driven firm specialized in publicity and TV commercials since 2005. Camilo is catalogued as one of the most multifaceted Latinamerican artists.
His film “1989” was conceived as an art piece, staring Vincent Gallo, achieved the official selection in Semaine de la Critique in Cannes, as closing film for the festival. Though its huge recognition, Matiz chose not to publicly screen or distribute the film. Only 6 prints in 35mm were made and signed by the artist, all of them in hands of collectors.
In his continuous exploration of light and reflections, Camilo Matiz latest series “Strokes” place as always the observer in the middle of the artwork, using the surroundings as its canvas.
His artistic expressions through film, photography and other media, has been given several awards.