Yigal Ozeri

(Israel 1958 -)


Israeli-born, New York-based hyperrealist painter. Ozeri exhibits predominantly in New York and Israel, but his work has been shown worldwide. He has become widely successful in the past several years, with museums and private collectors avidly seeking his work.
Ozeri has been painting for the past 25 years, and has gained enormous attention from his hyperrealist, meticulously rendered oil paintings. He is also in the permanent collections of: The Whitney Museum of American Art, The McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, The Jewish Museum in New York, The New York Public Library, The Israel Museum in Jerusalem, The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, The Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation in Los Angeles, and the Albertina in Vienna, among others. His work is a calibrated balance between the romantic and sexual. Ozeri rejected painting professional models, with bodies close to perfection, and instead opted to focus on people in their natural environments.


Selected Exhibitions:
Triads, Galerie Brandt, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2013)
Territory, Mike Weiss Gallery, New York, NY (2012)
Photorealism, Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal, Canada (2012)
The Boathouse, Galerie Andreas Binder, Munich, Germany (2012)
Territory, Martin Asbaek Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark (2011)
Territory, Zemack Contemporary Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (2011)
Garden of the Gods, Mike Weiss Gallery, New York, NY (2011)
Luce silenziosa (Silent light), Bologna, Italy (2011)
Lizzie Smoking, GalerĂ­a Senda, Barcelona, Spain (2010)
Desire for Anima, Contemporary by Angela Li, Hong Kong, China (2010)
Olga in the Park, Galerie Brandt, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2010)