Yann Houri

(France 1990 -)


Yann Houri, a self-taught artist, specializes in deep exploration of the human condition. This Paris-based talent is in his mid-twenties, and by delving into new techniques and materials, Yann’s creations invariably evoke strong emotional responses. A talent for drawing and an eye for photography, he combined his skills with painting to evoke strong emotions through an explosion of color and texture.


Heart of Madness, Gallery Ange Basso, Paris (2012)
Feelings make your future, Gallery Bel Air Fine Art, Geneve (2013)
Gallery Bel Air Fine Art, Geneve, Dubai, Cran Montana, Forte dei Marmi (2014)
Gallery des Lices, Saint Tropez
Gallery Ange Basso, Paris
Gallery Lab Art