Roberto Polillo

(Milan, Italy -)


Born in Milan in 1946, Roberto lives between his native city, Rome and Miami. In the 1960s he photographed over a hundred jazz concerts, building up a complete gallery of portraits of the most important jazz musicians of the period. These images have been displayed in numerous solo exhibitions, and used for magazines, books, CD sleeves, and have been collected in his photographic book "Swing, Bop & Free" (2006), which presents over 100 portraits of jazz icons of the 1960s. A permanent exhibition of his jazz images is on display at the Academy of Jazz in Siena.
In the early 1970s, Roberto decided to hang up his camera and embark on a completely different career, as both an entrepreneur in the computer software business and a university professor.
From the early 2000’s he took up his camera again, exploring new different languages for travel art photography. Roberto’s primary objective is now to capture the genius loci of cities and countries. He goes in search of the souls of the cities of the world with his camera. And so was born "Impressions of the World", an artistic adventure that began more than a decade ago and led him to more than 25 Countries, from Italy, Middle and Far East and to Central and North America. In his quest around the world, Roberto encounters cities of yesterday and cities of tomorrow. He investigates their different souls and relationships with their inhabitants, and exposes them in his particular artistic language. Roberto's book "Visions of Venice" (Skira, 2016) and "Future & The City" (Fiameni, 2017) are a first documentation of this work.


Art New York
Pier 94, New York, May 2018

Miami Art Week. December 2017

Visions Of Venice
Galerie 111, Paris. November - December 2017

Future & The City,
Trieste Photo Days, Trieste, Italy. October - November 2017

Future City
Bocconi University, Milano, Italy. February - September 2017

Jazz Icons: Collection for the Centennial of Jazz
MIA Photo Fair, Milano (Italy). March 2017

Un secolo di jazz, la creatività estemporanea
Centro Culturale Chiasso (Switzerland). March - April 2017

Three exhibitions: Jazz Icons, Visions of Venice, Future City.
VAP Venice Art Projects. Venice (Italy). May – June 2017

Towers of Miami
SorianoImmagine2017, Soriano nel Cimino (Italy). July -August 2017

Adentro y Afuera el Jazz (with Roberto Cifarelli),
San Sebastian Art Fair, San Sebastian (Spain). July 2017

Swing, Bop & Free
BASE, Milano (Italy). November 2016

Visions of Venice
Fondazione Stelline, Milano (Italy). October - November 2017

Towers of Miami
MIA Fair 2016. Milano (Italy). April - May 2016

Visions of Venice
Tre Oci, Venezia (Italy). January - March 2016

Impressions of Venice and Jazz 60
MIA Fair 2015, Milano (Italy). April 2015

Jazz ’60
Anteo Spazio Cinema, Milano (Italy). February – March 2012

Jazz ‘60/Street Art
The Don Gallery, Milano (Italy). May 2012

Il Jazz tra Europa e America
Biblioteca Cantonale, Lugano (Switzerland). January – April 2011

Jazz ’60
Auditorium, Milano (Italy). October 2011

Jazz ’60
All You Need Is Photography Photo Festival, Milano (Italy). December 2010 – February 2011

Swing, Bop & Free
Chiostro di S.Francesco, Sorrento (Italy). August – September 2009

Swing, Bop & Free
FNAC Galleries, Verona, Napoli, Rome, Torino, Genova (Italy), 2007 –2008

Swing, Bop & Free: Jazz of the Sixties
Cortile del Palazzo Pubblico, Siena (Italy). July – August 2007

Stasera Jazz
Fondazione Siena Jazz, Siena (Italy). 2003 – now (permanent exhibition)

I giganti del jazz (with R.Schwamenthal)
Centro Culturale Cascina Grande, Rozzano (Italy). September 2002

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