Matteo Lucca

(Forli' 1980 -)


Since his debut Lucca shows an interest in eclecticism and the experimental process of trial materials and creates cycles of artwork using lead shaped cantilever, the series “Faces”, a cross between theatre and funeral masks, the sequence of the assembly of the materials and the settings of large colourful boats.
His artwork is always accompanied by written compositions: they sound like this: “On every knot there is a mantra, a word of love, a question, a secret to be kept and hidden, each knot has tied to itself a concept that transforms and radiates.
“Halfway between being both the sculptor and poet, Lucca had a passion for dance-theatre and performance (IT ME and YOU, 2009), as well as the ability to experiment with different materials, with which he made majestic primitive totem artwork which is imbued with deep and archaic spirituality, like “The Ancestor That Is in Me” in 2010, a self-portrait made out of wood, lead and fabric which is a votive tribute to his origins.