Andrzej Urbanski

(Poznan 1983 -)


Andrzej Urbanski is an established Cape Town-based artist prized for his immaculate hard-edged abstract art. The bold shards of colour characterising his art may recall objects, places, experiences from his youth, the colour of a building or a room, or encompass the state of mind he is in as he steps into his studio.
His art appears to be the result of an automated process – the precision of its execution engenders this notion that it is generated by a detached, robotic or digital tool. His interest in generating this illusion is rooted in his fascination with digitally produced art, the tools he uses in plotting his intricate compositions, the relationship between lived experience and virtual reality and the valorisation of handmade products in the post-industrial era.
Urbanski graduated with a Master’s in Fine Art from the ECAL University of Art and Design in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2012. He was born in Poland in 1983 but settled in Berlin with his parents in 1989. Growing up in Berlin after the fall of the Wall activated his participation in street culture. He first experimented with spray-paint as a graffiti artist before applying this medium in a fine art context. After exhibiting in shows in his then-hometown of Berlin, Georgia USA, Canada and Switzerland, a Cape Town residency brought him to South Africa in 2012, where he has since lived.

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