Chigil Jang

(Korea 1962 -)


Born in 1962
B.F.A in Painting, Kyemyung University, Korea


Solo Exhibitions

2019 - Taste for the arts, Blossom into life, space1326, Korea
2015 - Taste for the arts, Lotte Gallery, Daejeon
2014 - Taste for the arts, Gallery forest, Changwon
2013 - Korea International Art Fair-KIAF, Gallery A, COEX Hall, Seoul
2012 - Real Landscape painting-Painting exhibition the southern island, Gallery A
2011 - Real Landscape painting -Tongyeong landscape, Gallery Tongyeong
2011 - Real Landscape painting -Geoje landscape exhibition, Seom-dal gallery, Geoje
2011 - Korea International Art Fair -KIAF, Dongseo Gallery, COEX, Seoul
2010 - Celebrate the Prime Minister of Dongseo spasmolysis, Dongseo Gallery,
2010 - Korea International Art Fair, COEX, Seoul
2009 - Wind-As flowing, Tongyeong Citizens’ Culture Center
2009 - Korea International Art Fair, COEX, Seoul
2008 - Under the sky, Shinsegae Department Store, Incheon
2007 - Over the border-the transmigration of souls, Tongyeong citizens’ culture center
2006 - Over the border-Popular use, Montmartre Gallery, Busan
2006 - Over the border-communion, Gallery Korea, Berlin, Germany
2005 - Korean mythology-People who stand, Gongpyeong Art Center, Seoul
2004 - Parting-meeting, Dusan Gallery, Daegu
2003 - Auspicious-Dreams, Open gallery, Busan/Ulsan
Hyundai Art Gallery
2002 - Spirit & symbol, Kyung-in Museum, Seoul
2001 - Korean mythology-Dream of a butterfly, Yerim gallery, Jinju
1998 - Korean story, Kyung-in Museum, Seoul
1997 - Tongyeong story, Tongyeong Koryo gallery
1992 - Exhibition of Jang, Chi-Gil, Tongyeong Koryo gallery

Group Exhibitions

2017 - Asia Contemporary Art Show(Hongkong/Conrad)
2015 - Tongyeong artist cello exhibition-Twinkling sound of Tongyeong, Tongyeong International Concert Hall
2014 - Special exhibition “Celebrate the Gwangju Biennale”, Gwangju Museum of Art
2012 - Residence 2012 Scent of nature, Masan Art Center, Changwon
2008 - Museum of art to look-Geoje, Geoje culture & arts center
2008 - Cannot forget in a dream, Museum to look/Tongyeong writer exhibition, National Museum of contemporary art, Korea
2007 - The Aspects and Prospects of Korea-Turkey Contemporary Arts, 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations, Istanbul, Turkey and Bucheon History Museum, Korea
2006 - Natural exhibition of the country, Gyeonggi Cultural Hall of Fame
2005 - Landscape exhibition from me, Museum of Art, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
2004~2005 - Museum to look, National Museum of contemporary art, Korea
2000~2003 - Korean Environmental Art Festival,
Culture &Arts Center, Ulsan
2000 - JAAL exhibition, Museum of Art Tokyo, Japan
1999~2004 - Art exchange exhibition, Gwangju, Mokpo, U lsan, Yeosu
1998 - in the Dangun Era4331 Tiger a special exhibition, Posco Art Gallery, Pohang
1990~1991 - Print exhibition message, Imok gallery, Daegu

Work Selection

Alternate Text

taste for the arts-The pear blossom1