(France 1960 -)


Bruno FABBRIS is a French photographer and artist. After studying drawing and painting in art studios in Paris, he turned to black and white silver photography, which he prints himself. His artistic approach is written in his own shades of black, grey and brown, practically monochrome.

In collaboration with a stylist from the Haute Couture fashion shows, Nathalie RUTILI, he creates series using diverted materials that cover and dress silhouettes with often ethnic personalities. This origami dance is as fascinating as his paper girls, his muses with their veiled, unveiled bodies, his graphic vegetal and flowery forms in a vaporous, almost celestial atmosphere. Through the works, our imagination is carried from Asia to Africa, all wrapped in a light fog through which the light passes.

He also works with his favourite material: the skin, the lines and shapes that form the body when it becomes almost abstract. The beauty of black skins and their incredible ability to capture the light, this natural shine in opposition to the matt aspect of white skins, or together in a contrasting complimentarity.

Fascinated by light, by the emotion of the captured moment that our retina or memory struggles to capture and print, he is fascinated by the unpredictability of the image. This is what gives a photograph its strength and «raison d’être», a fleeting moment that will in no way be repeated.

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