Kuk Won Woo

(South Korea 1976 -)


Woo Kuk Won creates images that combine memories and imaginations that come from personal experience. Most subjects within his works include well-recognized icons and/or personified animals that frequently appear in fables around the world. The unrestricted brushstrokes in his work suggest a feeling of strange liberation and the innocent sensibility of a child. The accompanying texts within his works are also ‘painted’ and not written. Woo’s works depict a lyrical world of paintings by using unlimited colors, improvised movement of forms and lines. Arising from the unconsciousness of the artists, they arbitrarily fill up the canvas and speak the interchange of the pure feelings rather than clear and logical reinterpretation.


2003 Tokyo Designer Gakuin College, Japan

2021 It’s The Hard Knock Life, Gallery BK, Seoul, Korea
2020 JEREMIAH WAS A BULLFROG, LOTTE Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2019 Third Time Lucky, Gallery BK, Seoul, Korea​
2018 Querencia, PyoGallery,Seoul, Korea
ARTPlage, LOTTE Gallery Jamsil, Seoul, Korea
2017 Keep Breathing, GalleyIT, Tokyo, Japan Redeemed, BK Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2016 Star Man, Salon de H, Seoul, Korea Say Something, Delpino, The Gallery D, Gangwondo, Korea
Middle of Nowhere, salon de H, Seoul, Korea
2015 Keep Breathing, salon de H, Seoul, Korea

2021 The Forties: Alluring Moments, Gallery Joeun, Seoul, Korea,
2020 Brave New Gaze: Vision, Gaze, and Start, ATELIER AKI, Korea
Age of 40s, You were enchanted, Gallery Joeun, Seoul, Korea
「Dialogue」, ATELIER AKI, Seoul, Korea
2019 The Forest, Gallery Joeun, Seoul, Korea
2018 Gallery Joeun, Seoul, Korea 海2nd, Gallery Joeun, Seoul, Korea
2015 Story Shower, Two Person Exhibition, space K, Seoul, Korea

​2011 Col Art Residency, Beijing, China
2010 JoongAng Fine Arts Prize

Art Bank, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea
Maeil Dairies Co., Ltd., Seoul, Korea
Seoul National University Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
Ilshin Spinning Co., Ltd, Seoul, Korea
The Jeonnamilbo, Gwangju, Korea
Kolon Corporation, Gwacheon, Korea
Tsutaya Culture Convenience Club Co.Ltd, Japan

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