Regina Draschl

(Kaldenkirchen 1965 -)


Education: Sports studies at SGK | Focus on sports and exercise therapy Designing own concepts related to holistic movement and perception.
Travel: all over the world. Last, 4-year world tour mainly in the eastern hemisphere.
2000/01 Creating new networks, with life-business-art-concepts | Coach2GO ® 2003 Cross-entry into the art scene


2019-11 art Karlsruhe, Galerie artpark, Germany
2018 Discovery Art Fair, Frankfurt
2017-11 KIAF, Seoul/Korea, Galerie artpark
2011 Art Fair Köln/Germany, Galerie artpark
Art Company Misoolsidae, Seoul/Korea
pART-room | exhibiton: THE NEW FREEDOM
Basel - artZEN | UND#6
2010 UND#5, Karlsruhe, Germany
one cofounder of ProjectGalerie pART
2007 Member of POLY_Producer-Gallery
2003 ZKM | businessART Event an)))gesagt (17. Okt.)
Conception,Production and mise-en-scène of the
Event | Crosslinking ART – Live – Business
Break with Perception