Baili He


He Baili (b.1945) is one of the foremost Hong Kong Chinese ink artists working in the medium of ink and brush. He, widely recognized as a pioneer in the field, is known for his constant innovative practice while paying full respect to tradition. His “He Style of Landscape Painting” harmonizes the spirit of East & West and the essence of modern & contemporary art. He Baili is with Christie’s ever since his first Chinese ink painting auctioned at Christie’s New York in 1987. He’s popularity in the international art market has been growing steadily in the past 32 years.
For HE, change lies at the heart of his artistic practice. Throughout a prolific career spanning five decades, he has continued to experiment with diverse styles and subject-matters: from early idyllic sketches of fishing boats off the shores of Hong Kong Island to the majestic portrayal of ridges and mountains of North America. In recent years, HE has travelled extensively in China, painting magnificent scenes of sunrise with a new vitality of prowess, adding a splendid of richness and elevations to his painting.
Inspired by the magnificent spectacle of morning light casting over mountains through the mist, He Baili masterfully captures the sublimity of nature in awe-inspiring scenes of sunrise. With broad and lyrical brushstrokes, the artist has been allured to painting landscapes featuring rays of morning light in recent years. The inspiration came from a trip he made to the Taihang Mountains in northern China, where the breath-taking heights of mountains sharply contrast with the idyllic landscape of the south. He’s rendering of precipitous rocks, looming clouds and distant mountains present a feast for the eyes; for the artist, sunrise symbolises renewal and hope.
Publications include Works of Art by He Baili, Miniatures and Fan Paintings by HE Baili, Baili’s Vision, HE Baili’s Idyllic Hong Kong in Ink and Meandering Through Art in Leisure. HE currently serves as a founding member of the HK Association of Artists.