Nayul Kim

(Seoul, Korea 1982 -)


Nayul Kim majored in painting at Hongik University, Seoul. Starting with the first exhibition "Wonderful Pictures" at Ilmin Museum of Art in 2009, Kim has participated in "Sovereign Asian Art (Pearl Lam Galleries, Shanghai, 2012)"; "Lethbridge 10000 Finalists Exhibition (Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane, 2014)"; "The First_Beyond the Frontier (Seoul Foundation for the Arts, 2016)"; "The Exquisite Bond of the Hydrogen Corpse (ONE&J+1, Seoul, 2017)"; "Aesthetic Accomplice" and "Broken Space" at Space xx, Seoul in 2008; "Openness - Nowness (GALLERYSU:, Seoul, 2015)" and others.