Ilya Gaponov

(Kemerovo 06.04.1981 -)


2003-2005 Petersburg fund of culture and arts "Institute PRO ARTE", The program "New technologies in the modern art"
2004 National schools of fine arts, Paris (workshop Vincent BARRE, Ecole Nationale Superieure des BEAUX ARTS, Paris)
2001-2006 M.F.A. The State Academy of Art and Design (the Mukhina Academy of Arts) faculty of monumental and decoration painting, a workshop prof. O.I. Kuznetsov
1998-2001 Kemerovo art school, is picturesque-pedagogical branch
Nominee for Kandinsky Prize (2008), one of the founders of the art-group "Nepokorennye" ("Unbowed").


Selected Solo Exhibitions:
Late Lunch, UVG Art Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Industrial Archiology of the OMK Batashevs, Vyksa, Russia
Reliquary, State Research Museum of Architecture named after A.Schusev, Moscow, Russia
2016 Changes, UVG Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2015 The room in which it is snowing, Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2014 Thyatian throne, Joseph fine art gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2013 Terrikon desert, Name Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
First Snow, Bourges, France
2012 Excessive appetites, Erarta Gallery, London, The UK
The Throne Of Thyatira, Name gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
2011 The Throne Of Thyatira, Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2010 Summer Snow, Blois, France
First Snow, Marseille, France
2008 Three Days, Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Last Snow, Globus Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
UNDER GROUND, Manege, Small Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia
2007 Kuzbass Parallel, Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Altar / Category 5, Yakut Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Synthetic Cults, Navicula Artis Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

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