Her paintings, with very precise scenography, give a vibrant tribute to the woman, which is the unifying idea of all her work. Her painting is mental, she likes to embark the observer in a labyrinth of femininity, the decor is colorful and full of references.

Elka Leonard says she is « a thief of emotion » because she likes to light people's imagination, to guide their chimera, to open their thoughts. Her work is based on «freezed frames». To know how to observe attentively is to suspend the movement of agitation of thought, to remain in the openness that the senses offer us and to let discovery enter into perception. With a lot of detail, she astonish, and let the perception its true power, which is to reveal a rich and complex presence.

She let us observe her reality : everyone is involved in a game of solicitations and answers affirming who he wants to be. Her latest works shows this allegory of identity: Who am I really? Works to go beyond appearances.



2018 Art Design Gallery – Biarritz France
2017 Vetriera 12 – Naples - Italie
Wilson Gallery – Bordeaux - France
2016 Art Design Gallery – Guéthary – France
Wilson Gallery – Bordeaux - France
2015 Galerie 44 Kleber – Paris – France
Château Haut Chaigneau - Vinexpo - Saint Emilion – France


2019 Elka Bronner Gallery – Guéthary - France
2018 GALERIE 102 – Orbec - France
AJAC exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum – Japon
Hotel Regina M Gallery – Biarritz - France
Art Design Gallery– Guéthary – France
Masters Fine Art – Floride – Etats-Unis
The heart of Delray Gallery – Floride – Etats-Unis
2017 Concorde Art Gallery – Paris – France
Art Design Gallery– Guéthary – France
2016 Michele Fontaniere - Pop Up Gallery – Miami – Etats-Unis
Galerie Mona Lisa – Paris – France
International Art Gallery– Paris – France
Galerie Thuillier – Paris – France
2015 Galerie Petitjean – Isle sur la sorgues – France
Galerie Chaon – Granville - France


2019 Art New-York – (Elka Bronner Gallery) - Etats-Unis
2018 Context Art Miami - (Art Design Gallery) - Etats-Unis
Open Art Code Tokyo – (Abba Gallery LLC) - Japon
Open Art Code – Monaco
Art New-York – (Art Design Gallery) - Etats-Unis
Context Art New-York – (Saphyra et Ventura Galery) – Etats-Unis
Lausanne Art Fair – (Art Design Gallery) – Suisse
Art Shopping Deauville – (Galerie Mécénavie) - France
2017 New-York art expo – Etats-Unis
2016 Spectrum Miami – Etats-Unis
Montreux Art Gallery – Suisse
Art Shopping – Paris – France
New-York Art Expo – Etats-Unis
Art 3F – Lyon – France
Art 3F – Paris – France


2018 MARCELLA CUOSTA - Luxurious handmade bags - Italie