(France 1971 -)


Through painting, Elka Leonard makes the observer reflect on self-knowledge, and the notion of freedom of the Man in the 21st century. In her quest for freedom, the female figure paves the way for us, just like Eve who makes the first gesture of freedom by biting the apple and who curiously goes towards knowledge. The woman emerges as a symbol, a representation of power, unaware of the pleasure she arouses, she imposes herself on us with superb arrogance.

Her work is situated at the jonction of surrealism and free figuration. The timeplanes are intertwined: on one side there is the current representation of a provocative personality, on the other a retrospective look at the past, at the experience acquired. The painting then becomes psychological, and questions the notion of intimacy, memory and oblivion. Elka Leonard seeks to abolish the boundaries between reality and dream, to make it her absolute priority and to reach her inner image.

Her work focuses our gaze on introspection as well as our imagination, in order to better apprehend our future. It is becoming urgent to rediscover our free will and our pleasure, in the broadest sense of the word, because it gives us self-confidence and the desire to move forward, the joy of being.

Elka Leonard says she is « a thief of emotion » because she likes to light people's imagination, to guide their chimera, to open their thoughts. Her work is based on «freezed frames». To know how to observe attentively is to suspend the movement of agitation of thought, to remain in the openness that the senses offer us and to let discovery enter into perception. With a lot of detail, she astonish, and let the perception its true power, which is to reveal a rich and complex presence.

She let us observe her reality : everyone is involved in a game of solicitations and answers affirming who he wants to be. Her latest works shows this allegory of identity: Who am I really? Works to go beyond appearances.

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