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New York 10577 Purchase
United States
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Glenn Aber

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Ai Bo Gallery showcases art that stands out and translates across multiple arenas of discourse, art history and culture. We focus on promoting internationally emerging and mid-career artists who mix traditional disciplines like painting, drawing and sculptures as well as installations with new media, mixed media, and unique methodology. Working closely with our artists, we encourage the balance of innovative conceptual ideas with a highly visual approach. Committed to facilitating global exposure for our artists, the gallery determines to bring their works to the most prestigious art shows world-wide.

Tom Brzon Cobalt kaleidoscope

John Petrey Nicole Recycled material

Cristina Ghetti Color Thinking Detail

Vladimir Prodonovitch Red Queen

Koichi Matsufuji Solid Glass

Break Through

Meditation Man


Overclouding Germany

Tear for Henry

Coffee House

Fragmentación de la Luz y el Color


About the Artist

Pure Optic Glass
acrylic on canvas

Mixed Medium
Framed: 61.75" x 49.5"
Painted With A Lens (Digital Painting)
Cut And Polished Glass
27" x 24" x 16"
Oil Paint on Canvas
Fused Colored Glass, Wood Base