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Gallery AE is a prefix of the Latin word "Aeternus," which means "eternal," which means the eternal nature of art.
This gallery not only promotes its artists by holding exhibitions in Korea but also by participating in overseas individual exhibitions and art fairs in foreign countries, but also re-establishing and leading contemporary art, focusing on artists who create the lasting value of art.
It mainly works as a artist representing some genres of modern art.
We are participating in a fair that suits the characteristics of the local market overseas, with the emphasis on unique tendencies and contemporary and distinct concepts of art that do not overlap with the other artists


Jeongyun Choi N/A

Sanghee Koo Trace of sans

Ikreol Lee N/A

Ikreol Lee N/A

About the Artist

IL SON, "N/A", 2019, thread resin mulberry fiber on canvas, 85 x 121cm.
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Jeongyun Choi, "N/A", 2019, Mixed media, 270 x 45 x 30 cm.
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110x10cm(2), 110x80cm.
mixed media on panel
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