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The Aldo Castillo gallery is located at the Miromar Design Center in SW Florida. Offering paintings, photography, drawings, sculpture, works on paper, digital art & new media installations. Representing established international artists & serving private collectors, museum collections and design professionals. Founded in Chicago in 1993 & a former member of Chicago Art Dealers Association (CADA).

Lorna Marsh Predators, 2019

Hunting Leopard and Vulture

Lorna Marsh Wild Dog Leashed, 2019

Wild Dog on a Leash

Lorna Marsh Caged, 2003

Masked Will Dog, Unable to Hunt

Scott Ashley Fire, 2018

Abstract pyramid done in 13 Panels, 16_ x 16_ each, 80H inches x 10 Feet overall on canvas.

Scott Ashley Water, 2018

Upside down pyramid, 13 Canvas Panels, to be displayed in a 16_ x 16_ each, 80H inches x 10 Feet overall space.

Scott Ashley Safe, 2019

Made of paper, piñata like, about being safe, USA immigration and deportation policies.

Scott Ashley The Apology

Patricia Rieger Cien Fuegos, 2013

Man standing on pedestal with Indian fabric behind him.

Patricia Rieger All the Names IV, 2016

Silver Man Standing

Patricia Rieger Two Views One Window III

Man Standing with Double Arms, Glazed in Colors Opaque Satin Off White and Lime Green.

Patricia Rieger Cold Song VIII, 2015

Man Preocupad

Patricia Rieger Guideless Cloud, 2012

Man Sitting Down

Patricia Rieger Cold Song VII, 2014

Man Thinking

Patricia Rieger Conversation with a Bird (5 Pieces Installation), 2019

A group of 3 glazed ceramic dwarfs with two abstract objects in luster Platinum finish.

Augusto Esquivel Girl With the Button Earring

Augusto Esquivel Vanity, 2019

Buttons and Mirror Wall Installation

Augusto Esquivel American Flag, 2019

American Flag Created with Buttons

Lluís Barba LLuis Barba, 2019, Grant Wood American Gothic

American Gothic, Grant wood
It has become an icon of American art.
Wood intended it to be a positive statement about American rural values, an image of tranquility at a time of great disappointment. The man and the woman, in their solid and well elaborated world, with all their strengths and weaknesses represented in the work.

During the Great Depression, the masterpiece gave hope to a desperate nation, and helped shape the notion of the Midwest as a land of hard work and honest values. Today, the painting is firmly embedded in our cultural vocabulary.

When I consider to intervene American Gothic, I think of the most genuine American, from the harvesters-the base of the rural town-, to the multinationals, passing through other very American characters or objects.

Heroes of the comic flying over the stage of the work, are what I call necessary myths in our environment, without them the rulers could not distract attention from the real problems of our society, myths that I have represented through, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton, Jhonny Depp, Taylor Swift, Mickey Mouse, Mark Zuckerberg, Oldenburg sacralizing a shovel for horticulture, an Oscar rewarding talent in the service of the masses. Artists such as Bruce Nauman, Pollock, Basquiat, Warhol, Donald Judd ..., a child wielding a weapon, as a representation of the endemic problem dragged by political administrations, a gold ingot as an allegory of the utopian ‘famous American dream’.

I think that a work cannot change the social situation of a country, but if it does, that some people think or reflect on it, we will have already achieved an important objective.

Lluís Barba Ruins with an obelisk in the distance, Hubert Robert, 2015

Ruins with an obelisk in the distance, Hubert Robert and pop digital photography

Lluís Barba \Picasso Self Portrait

Picasso self portrait with pop celebrities


About the Artist

Acrylic and Graphite on Canvas, 72 x 114 Inches.
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Ink and Acrylic on Paper, 46 x 50 Inches.
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Mixed Media on Canvas, 40 x 30 Inches.,
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Mixed Media on Canvas, 13 Panels, 16_ x 16_ each, 80H inches x 10 Feet overall.
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Mixed Media on Canvas, 13 Panels, 16_ x 16_ each, 80H inches x 10 Feet overall.
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Mixed Media Sculpture, 78 x 48 x 48 In.
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2002, Knife and Hinge, 11 x 4 x 1 in.
Ceramic, Glaze, Wood,
70 x 48 x 24 Inches
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Glazed Ceramic, 28H x 9W x 15D Inches.
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Ceramic, 26Hx 16W x 15D Inches.
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Ceramic, Glaze, 22 x 21 x 10 In.
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Ceramic, Glaze, 24 x 10 x 12 Inches.
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Ceramic, Glaze, 27.5 x 10 x 7 Inches.
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Glazed Ceramic Luster Platinum, 7W feet x 5D feet x 33H in (Dimensions Vary)

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Girl With the Button Earring, 2019, Shank and Sewing Buttons, Mono-Filament and Acrylic, 50W x 70H in.
Buttons, Monofilament and Acrylic, 72H x 36W x 6D In.
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Sewing Buttons, Monofilament and Acrylic, 82H x 41W x 2D Inches.
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Diasec, 175 x 144. cm
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Photograph on Backlit Fabric, 48 x 72 Inches.
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Photograph on Backlit Fabric, 112 x 92 cm
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