Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery

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Aurora Vigil-Escalera


Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery is based in Gijón, Asturias, Spain. The gallery opened its doors in 2015, when its director, Aurora Vigil-Escalera, decides to undertake a new project after 30 years of professional career in charge of Van Dyck Art Gallery, cultural and artistic reference both in Asturias and Spain.

Aurora opens this new gallery with a younger, more contemporary and demanding line than its predecessor, with the clear objective of defining in the medium and long term the purpose of positioning at a national and international level, a priority goal for her.

This is a young gallery, run by women, which since its opening in Asturias four years ago, is committed to artists with strong national and international projection, whose main disciplines are installation, painting, sculpture, photography and video which the gallery has managed to place in the main Spanish fairs of contemporary art. This is the case of Art Madrid, JustMAD and Estampa Contemporary Art Fair, all held in Madrid.

Once this purpose of consolidating the gallery in the main national art fairs has been achieved, Aurora Vigil-Escalera makes the leap to the international market in 2017, attending for the first time Art Lima Contemporary Art Fair. This fair which the gallery has attended for the third time this year, has meant for this new space its introduction into the Latin American art market.

Likewise, Lisbon, Portugal, has become the gallery's second international appointment since 2018. With this, Aurora Vigil-Escalera, after consolidating her artists in Spain, has set the objective of expanding her presence in the European market.

Aurora Vigil-Escalera is well aware of the capacity that art has as an element of cohesion with other disciplines. For this reason, many of the exhibitions held in the gallery have had the support of various professionals from other fields of culture, such as literature, music, philosophy and dance.
The important work carried out by national and international art critics and curators is well known and valued by the gallery. For this reason, the exhibitions, which are always accompanied by a printed and digital catalogue, feature texts by important critics and curators, both consolidated and amateur, such as Antonio Muñoz Molina, Rubén Suárez, Christian Caujolle, Alejandro Castellote, Francesc Polop, among others.

In addition, the synergies and collaborations carried out with other museums, institutions and galleries, with which Aurora Vigil-Escalera collaborates assiduously, only strengthen its strong commitment to contemporary art. This is the case of the gallery's active participation as a member of the IAC (Institute of Contemporary Art), as well as the Consortium of Contemporary Art Galleries, two important Spanish associations dedicated to the implementation of good practices and the promotion of a new social perception of current Spanish art. Within this involvement with contemporary art, the recent appointment of Aurora Vigil-Escalera as President of the Association of Galleries of Asturias, a newly created initiative in the region for the protection and defence of contemporary art, should also be highlighted.

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