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GALLERY SU: was founded by Su-Hyun Kim who has been actively engaged with exhibition plans and management of Eastern contemporary Chinese artists at the center of art market in China since early 2000s.

Su-Hyun Kim, after she graduating from the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a Master’s degree, worked as a curator of Culture Division of E-Land, Head Specialist in Seoul Auction and Director of ARARIO gallery in Beijing. She has also been actively involved in the Chinese art market for around 15 years. Currently, she has founded her own gallery in Seoul to represent contemporary Chinese artists as well as Korean/Western artists in Korea based on her experiences of rapid growing Chinese art scenes and global networking. GALLERY SU: will explore various possibilities and provide insights into long-term planning, promotion, collaboration with companies and art consulting for young contemporary Chinese artists in Korea. In particular, GALLERY SU: seeks to introduce next-generation Avant-Garde Chinese artists in Korea as well as other foreign artists.

Ce Jian Armada (17)

Heejoon Lee Biei no.103

Fay Shin Weather Painting

"Weather Painting" (2013-2019) is the series that began on a very hot summer day. Fay Shin created this series to express her sensation about the weather she felt with skin and mind through various spray colors. As Shin sprays colors onto the side of the canvas, the particles would bounce off to the atmosphere, summon the air, and fall onto the canvas. Each canvas embodies the moment of sensing the air, yet has emerged entirely out of control. The weather paintings can be displayed in different ways depending on the site of installation.

Fay Shin Summer Stage/Winter Cave

"Summer Stage/Winter Cave" (2013-2015) stared as a protective material for floor and has accumulated various marks and stains on canvas cloths over seasonal change from summer to winter. The final works are the unexpected results of passing time, which we pay marginal attention. The act of capturing short-term memories embedded in ever-temporal, sensory experiences expands beyond the limit of two-dimensional paintings and into the archival process as the artist fills up the shelves. It is such integration of time that calls up emotions, memories, sounds and visions.

About the Artist

Ce Jian, "Armada (17)", 2013, Acrylic, enamel, marker, crayon, oil crayon on canvas / painting, 230 x 200 cm.
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Heejoon Lee, "Biei no.103", 2019, Oil and acrylic on canvas / painting, 130.2 x 130.2 cm.
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spray on canvas, variable dimensions, 2013-2019
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installation, canvas cloth, canvas, spray, gesso, dimensions variable, 2013-2015
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