Galeria La Sala

Francisco de Aguirre 3720
Región Metropolitana de Santiago 7630446 Santiago
Phone: +56222467207
Mobile Ph: +56992333563
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The Sala Art Gallery was created in 1998 as an innovative project as a response to the growing interest of young people and adults who approached the world of visual arts, becoming a place of cultural circulation and art-accessible to different kind of public.

It ´s a space dedicated to contemporary art, open to different expressions of it, whose contribution is to discover and give a space to emerging talents, nationally and internationally.

Likewise, The Sala Art Gallery is characterized for carrying out important artistic and cultural projects in Chile and abroad, promoting national art beyond our borders and promoting local artists and their works as a contribution to the internationalization of the national artistic environment.

Solange Heilenkotter Progresión

Felipe Riesco Serie Cromática - Cromatic Series

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