HAVOC Gallery

27 Sears Lane
VT 05401 Burlington
United States
Phone: 800-639-1868
Mobile Ph: 802-863-9553
Email : HAVOC@havocgallery.com
URL : HAVOCGallery.com

United States

Vogelsang-Card Sarah

MacDonald Bruce R.


HAVOC Gallery with its eighteen foot ceilings and massive doors for natural light exhibits fine art by Joël Urruty, George Peterson, Gordon Auchincloss, Miguel Edwards, Stony, Clark Derbes and Bruce R. MacDonald; Large, Precise and Multidimensional.

HAVOC Gallery came from Gallery 180 (opened in 2007), the creation of artist Bruce R. MacDonald, to exhibit visionary mid-career artists who create works that exemplify their well honed technique and ascetic of minimalist beauty. When Gallery 180 moved to a more visible location in the heart of Burlington's South End Arts district along Lake Champlain in 2012, Havoc Gallery was born. This unique space allows patrons to be exposed to artwork from very divergent sources curated by experienced professionals.

Bruce R. MacDonald Fugue

Bruce R. MacDonald Portal detail in color

Bruce R. MacDonald Hex

Bruce R. MacDonald The Compass

Bruce R. MacDonald Wind and Waves

Bruce R. MacDonald Running Free

Miguel Edwards Ascent

Miguel Edwards Balance

Miguel Edwards Ibis

Miguel Edwards Sovereign Dance

Miguel Edwards Magpie Moon

Miguel Edwards Juncus Corkscrew

Miguel Edwards Galileo

About the Artist

Stainless steel light sculpture, 2017
48" x 78"
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Portal detail in color
Stainless steel light sculpture, 2018
45" x 92"
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Stainless steel light sculpture, 2018
55" x 55"
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Bruce R. MacDonald, "The Compass", 2019, 120" x 120"
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Wind and Waves
Stainless steel light sculpture, 2019
92" x 92"
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Running Free
Stainless steel light sculpture, 2019
43" x 66"
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Steel, powder coat and cast glass, 2016
76" x 28" x 32"
Automotive paint on Steel, 2015
20" x 16" x 14"
Miguel Edwards, "Ibis", 2014, Automotive paint on steel, 22" x 21"x 19"
Sovereign Dance
Steel, metallic flake powder coat, 2017
74" x 34" x 38"
Magpie Moon
Powder coated white on steel, 2018
80" x 25" x 30"
Juncus Corkscrew
Steel, powder coat, 2016
66" x 34" x 27"
Steel, powder coat, 2016
79" x 30" x 38"