Simons Gallery

2518 JP The Hague
The Hague
Phone: 305-409-6018

Justin Hamel (Director)

Maria Duque (Assistant Director)


Originally a private collection based in Mexico City, including the works of Latin American and internationally-renowned masters, Simons Gallery now boasts an ever-growing contemporary collection of emerging, mid-career and established artists from around the world.
New to Simons Gallery in 2019 are secondary market works from Keith Harring, J.M Basquiat , Torres Garcia, Klee and Tintoretto.

This contemporary collection is located in Miami, Florida, and The Hague, Netherlands. Simons Gallery seeks to promote and support the relationship between the Latin American art tradition and international contemporary artists.

Simons Gallery is home to an inspired mix of artists of all generations who strive to create exceptional art for its own sake and at times as a vehicle for change and social activism, from image to action. Simons Gallery artists — through their work — seek to inspire global awareness and instil a spirit of engagement and collaboration throughout the world, homing in on salient issues and themes that we as global citizens face.

The Simons Gallery participates in prestigious Art Fairs worldwide, as
well as ecological and social projects.

Trophy Wives

Roberto Polillo Venice

Roberto Polillo Venice

Leonor Anthony Deep River

Roberto Polillo Venice

Leonor Anthony Gloria

Jon Gilchirst 11.50

Jon Gilchrist "For Real this Time No. 1

Jon Gilchrist 20,18

Alexander Dedov Self- Denial

Alexander Dedov Self - Contemplation

Alexander Dedov Self - Deception

Denis Kusilov Qiwi-Bot

Denis Kusilov The Overseer

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