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Founded in 2012 with support of Changwon city, Space 1326 has been presenting emerging talented artists both in the regional and international art markets. The gallery collaborates and cooperates with numerous young artists including seven major artists and thirty artists nationwide.

Space 1326 has been committed to introducing Korean modern art to international audience through participating in multiple international art fairs. The gallery has represented Korean artists’ current work across all media at international art fairs held in Hong Kong, Amsterdam, and Hamburg.

The program continues to expand on presentation of growing Korean artists in worldwide art world. Also, the gallery endeavors to serve as platform for interaction between original artists and audience.

And in 2019 we opened a space named "A Bunker" in Seoul. Through this space, we are able to expand the art market in Korea and the art market in the world

Chigil Jang taste for the arts-The pear blossom1

Anne eunsun kim N/A

Minsu KIM Hero story on the book

Eunhee No Light. Fill.

About the Artist

Chigil Jang, "taste for the arts-The pear blossom1", 2019, Panel, Korean paper, pigment 81x 81 cm.
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Anne eunsun kim
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2013 Acrylic on canvas 130x160cm
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2019 Korean paper, ink sticks, nacre, 24k Gold leaf, 135x135cm
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