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Lim Jeong gi

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Gallery Tableau opened in Korean famous Art Street, Insa-dong at 2005.
Gallery Tableau has participated in artfairs of whole world. We early perceived the importance of Korean artists’ overseas expansion, selling artworks, and marketing.
Gallery Tableau is doing our best, and also will do to introduce the best artworks for art dealers to own the top-notch artworks.

Sang Min LEE Porcelain Bowl(Joseon Period)

Luchio LIM Story

Daniel Kim see the world

Yongsoo Lee Untitled WB

Geunhwa Lee Flow

Kyuhong Lee breathing of light

Kwansoo Kim the branches of a tree

Hyungjin Park Redemption

Kyungsung Lee Thron tree-first love 2

About the Artist

Sang Min LEE, "Porcelain Bowl (Joseon Period)", Engraved Glass and framed, W101.5 x H99
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Korean Traditional Paper, Mixed Media
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photo, LED monitor
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Yongsoo Lee, "Untitled WB", Colored polycoat on diasec, 61.5 x 50 cm.
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Mixed media on canvas
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Painting on acid etched mirror and laminated glass
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Mixed media 90x90cm
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Mixed media on Lenticular screen, monitor
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mixed media on canvas
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