Winterowd Fine Art

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Santa Fe
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Winterowd Fine Art is a well-established contemporary gallery located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The gallery exhibits a varied spectrum of work that often evokes the natural world. Visually stimulating work from highly skilled emerging, mid-career, and established artists accommodate the needs of new collectors and seasoned art buyers a like.

Charlie Burk My Private World

60x42", oil on panel

Jamie Kirkland Shimmer Shimmer

50x40", oil on canvas

Karen Bexfield Luna Tourmaline

12x11x2.5", kiln formed glass

Dylan Martinez H2O SiO2 series

Tom Kirby Creation 5

66x60", oil & chromium on canvas

Gilberto Romero Affection

Annell Livingston Translations 2

15x15", gouache on watercolor paper

Alex Gabriel Bernstein Blue Striped Half Moon

12x20x5", cast & cut glass, fused steel

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Dylan Martine, "H2O SiO2 series", Blown & hot sculpted glass.
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Gilberto Romero, "Affection", Bronze, 57 x 27 x 20"
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