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Art Space Say is an international art gallery in the center of Mullae, Seoul with intimate and well organized exhibition spaces and a great view over Mullae area.
Mullae is a unique village in Seoul Korea where steel industrial complex and various art groups co-exist side by side. Art Space Say is an active cooperator and project planner of the artistic network of Mullae, working to enhance the artistic competence and invigorate various cultural exchange programs to vitalize the unique local culture. Here, exhibitors and visitors can meet and discover new styles, friends and networks through cultural communication.

Mika Kim Velvet Drawing Series

Mika Kim Landscape of Garden

Mika Kim An Unforgettable Evening

Mika Kim Golden Age

Mika Kim Time Travel

My sensuous velveteen installation. Line as fine as feather cover the surface of lifeless objects such as vase or a bag; also, just like the umbilical cord, solid lines connect objects, which are not apparently related with each other, or the line put down roots like tree branches. This expression visualizes the way the I am involved with the other and I understand the world I belong to. Lines are like antenna to me. To draw a line is the most straightforward way to get to know objects as well as to look at myself.
In my two decades of practicing art, my choice of medium ranged from installations, objects to painting, all evolved from a strong foundation and philosophy in drawing, which I describe as my most fitting medium.
ns and drawings seem to be organ separated from their bodies or alien plant life, my paintings are composition of fabric, thread and drawing. While my 3 dimensional creation tempts a touch, my paintings are visual temptations.
My sensitive approach to materials and commitment to exploring the role of nature in shaping the human experience.

About the Artist

Mika Kim, "Velvet Drawing Series", 2018, acrylic, embroidery on velvet, 60.25 x 43.25 x 2 | 60.25 x 36.25 x 2 | 50.25 x 60.25 x 2
500 x 150cm
embroidery on velvet
118 x 92 cm
acrylic, silkscreen, embroidery on velvet
51 x 62 cm
acrylic, ink on silk
acrylic, embroidery on velvet, 155 x 535cm. 2019

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