151 1st Avenue
Suite 213
New York 10003 New York
United States
Phone: 917 292 1227

MK Semos


DECORAZON is an international contemporary art gallery with current presence in New York City, London, and Dallas. Our mission is to present professional emerging and mid-career talent to a new or experienced collector, with a selective and innovative program.

DECORAZONgallery was founded in 2004, in Dallas’ historic Bishop Arts District, as a creative space to present innovative design and artwork. Since 2007, the gallery has developed and flourished on the global stage, participating at many art fairs world-wide.

Currently owned and operated by founder Hugo Garcia-Urrutia and co-owner MK Semos, DECORAZONgallery continues showcasing artwork with strong concepts across all mediums. Both Hugo and MK enjoy directing various aspects of the business, providing personal attention to each of their clients, and providing a nurturing environment to champion the career of their artists. Hugo and MK have exhibited and placed artwork locally and internationally and have fostered a relationship with mature and emerging collectors worldwide.

Remington Trilogy - set of 3

Golden Mirage - Flexible Rigids

Michele Mikesell The Blessing

Michele Mikesell The Stoic's Shield

Michele Mikesell Saint Luke

Anne Siems Forest Tattoo

Anne Siems Face 5

Éric Nado Remington Monarch

Erin Cone Diffuse

Erin Cone Constancy

Guillaume Cornet Rooftop Rollercoaster

Guillaume Cornet The Purple Thief of Thieves

Hugo Garcia Urrutia Jade Gem Wave

Patsy McArthur Star Study

Patsy McArthur Hula Study

Patsy McArthur The Path

Anne Siems Ermine

Anne Siems Boy with Calendula

Michele Mikesell Saint Barbara

Michele Mikesell Shield of Coronis

Patsy McArthur The Three Graces

Patsy McArthur The Race

Michele Mikesell Seirios

Rosie Emerson The Planet Who Believed I

Kazaan Viveiros Deco Slalom

Anastasia Gklava My Sanctuary

Apostolos Chantzaras Mediterranean Abundance

Anne-Valérie Dupond Alsatia

Tim Nikiforuk

Guillaume Cornet The Purple Thief of Thieves

Guillaume Cornet Rooftop Rollercoaster

Guillaume Cornet The Birds Protest

Guillaume Cornet Rooftop Favelas

The Chicken Balloon Acrobats

Guillaume Cornet Everything Must Go

Guillaume Cornet Rooftop Swingers

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