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Mobile Ph: +33755831713
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Castiglioni Antonio

Thomas Castiglioni


Espinasse 31 offers the artists a platform to showcase their artworks and create artistic and social opportunities that engage with art, education, conservation, and sustainability.

The gallery has built a reputation for its dedication to artists and support of visionary artistic projects worldwide. It has expanded over the last years with new exhibition spaces in Milan, Madrid, Monte Carlo, and Miami.

In addition, the gallery is committed to an interdisciplinary approach with the aim of building a community based on intercultural dialogue around fashion, design, and any other artistic field,
encouraging collaboration and exchange of ideas among the local community and the artists represented.

Espinasse31 was born under the commitment to explore, produce and stimulate aesthetic and critical thinking, as well as under social commitment through public artistic intervention. Espinasse 31 brings art and culture closer to all kinds of audiences, making them aware of the different art forms, and supporting them as fundamental elements of cultural self-awareness.

Marcello Silvestre Everybody's got an armor

Flavio Rossi Testa tra le nuvole

About the Artist

Caption from the artist:
"This artwork represents the armor I've had to wear since a young age to deflect the blows of a challenging life and preserve, at all costs, the most intimate and precious part of myself. That part has allowed me over the years to remain true to myself despite everything and to believe in my ideas and dreams. It's an armor that we all wear in this superficial and aggressive society, often preventing us from showing ourselves as we truly are because we may be too deep or sensitive for "them".
The wooden bust was created using a 5-axis robot, carving from a block of tulipwood. The element in the chest is crafted using the lost-wax bronze technique."
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