2023 Special Projects

GALLERY: Hilton Contemporary Chicago
ARTIST: Ouchhh
Hilton Contemporary Chicago presents Ouchhh Studio’s The Human Cell Atlas: The Human Cell Atlas Project collaborates with international scientists to map all human cells using single-cell RNA-seq data, a novel technique providing detailed genomic information. After preprocessing, the data is transformed into a hundred-dimensional universe. To visualize and create a baseline for artistic expression, they utilize Auto Encoders and PCA analysis, reducing dimensions and using tSNE to reveal hidden clusters. Ouchhh Studio pioneers data paintings, sculptures, and AI-driven exploration, dreaming of cosmic multidimensional universes created by AI without physical boundaries.

GALLERY: Lurie Gallery
ARTIST: Mary Lai
Lurie Gallery presents Mary Lai, a multifaceted, Korean-American artist based in Los Angeles, California.  The artist maintains the outlook that “Art is a universal language that can speak to anyone”.   Her vibrant contemporary works articulate the reflective inclinations of her dreamer mindset - to discover dreams and uplift emotions for all viewers.  Entering into her third decade in the creative industry,  the seasoned artist and designer enjoys blending the worlds of physical art and digital art. Her dynamic works are constantly blurring boundaries and challenging the perception of what art is and how it is experienced.  Her most recent AR sculpture ‘Dream Portal’ draws viewers to a closer look into one’s unrevealed dream door;  inspiring the unlocking of their own dreams and paths of opportunities.

GALLERY: Liquid Art System
ARTIST: Coderch & Malavia
"Walking in Beauty" by Coderch&Malavia
Walking in Beauty is the translation of the Navajo term for the spiritual path of celebrating the sacredness of life. Walking in Beauty means walking in harmony with all things (people, objects, animals... with life!). This includes how we walk, feeling physically and emotionally, and exploring our own inner wilderness. Thinking and acting in a beautiful way completely changes your perception of life, how we feel physically and emotionally, and how we explore our own inner wilderness in relation to everyone and all of life. You go from victim mode or judging mode to curiosity and the desire to discern the truth. That is Walking in Beauty. Living more authentically, in the way your Spirit dictates. Coderch&Malavia, the now world-famous Spanish duo, reveal this beauty, where the truth of the bodies depicted is enhanced, in which movement and perfection of gesture are sublimely captured.
GALLERY: Liquid Art System
ARTIST: Filippo Tincolini
"Spaceman Shine" by Filippo Tincolini
Spaceman Shine is a new pop interpretation of one of the most important sculptures by Filippo Tincolini. His marble version, in fact, is the most meaningful and representative works of the artist, who looks in his art, for the link between creativity and technology, nature and progress. 
The spaceman, who is the symbol of a change, adventures and unknown, is accompanied by Nature, who seems to be the only unshakable faith in this life.
Filippo Tincolini, among the sculptors of his generation, is certainly the most visionary, and not only because of his works, some of which hint at a future in which nature and science interpenetrate in an evocative way. The monumental version of the spaceman, with its Candy Fuchsia chrome plating, celebrates just a new pop era in the relationship's history of men and Nature.

GALLERY: Galerie Duret
ARTIST: Nicolas Dubreuille 
Born in 1975, Nicolas Dubreuille lives and works in the South West of France. With references coming from both design, which is his academic education, and from the different currents of art history, he develops unique graphic forms that refer, like a mirror game, to serial production of our contemporary societies. His artistic approach, developed through various media, sculpture, photography, drawing and painting, is "a bridge between abstraction and figuration, concept and expression": "matrix forms but also geometric, biomorphic, totemic, all nested within each other.” Working with lacquered resin, acrylic on rice paper and canvas, aluminum, or even collage, he creates, assembles and crystallizes lines, signs, and colors giving birth to an identifiable and free visual language. His pictorial artworks and his three-dimensional creations summon the precision of arrangement, and balance. Through each piece, each work, the boundaries between painting, sculpture and photography seem to become more and more permeable.


Colour Senses
ARTIST: Charly Silva
“CONNECTION” is an interactive installation which conveys the message of the unity between people and nature, and also shows the bond between different people, who are occasionally or purposefully connected by this sculpture. Installed in the special projects of the Context Art Miami. “CONNECTION” could be not only a conceptual piece of art, but also a functional subject, where people can rest, read a book, meditate or talk to each other. The installation also expresses the capacity of the human soul.
Metal constructions of the sculpture, shaped in opposite forms, is the symbol of purity and nature.

CHARLY SILVA was born in Colombia, in 1969, Mechanical Engineer, graduated from the University of America Foundation in the city of Bogotá, where he carried out art and architecture projects in metal, the main element of all his creations. In the field of plastic arts, in drawing, photography and sculpture, he explores and gives three-dimensional form to all his creations in which we can find characters, nature, objects and above all feelings, giving life to the cold metal. Charly Silva's style is unique and personal - pop art and metal pop art are also part of his proposal. In his art, you can find an enveloping and subjective visual game, involving the viewer directly and inviting them to interpret the work. The shapes and colors accompany the sculptures, which are of a real sense; the volume and space let us see the great proportions that the work suggests. He is part of the group of local artists in MIAMI FLORIDA and has several outstanding recognitions granted in different exhibitions, in addition to a public work located in Facelli park, in South Miami

Kike Arnal presented by Nicolas Auvray Gallery

Nicolas Auvray Gallery presents the work of Kike Arnal, Chocó. In this series Arnal explores and highlight the human aspect of endurance in relationship with the contrast of one of the most beautiful, rich in natural resources and isolated regions of the world. Chocó is a series of portraits of Afro-Colombians taken in the westernmost province of that name in Colombia. Between the 17th and 18th centuries, the Spanish brought thousands of slaves from Africa to work in the gold mines scattered across a vast territory of tropical rainforests. Today, many Chocoanos still live in remote villages, mining for gold in the same way they did more than two hundred years ago.These portraits were taken between 2009 and 2012 during five trips to Chocó. Kike Arnal is a photographer and videographer who has produced essays in the Americas, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. His photographs have been published in The New York Times, National Geographic, Life and Mother Jones among others. Arnal directed and produced several documentaries, including a short film for Discovery Channel Canada about a malaria epidemic among indigenous people in a remote area of the northern Amazon. In April 2011, Kike had a solo photography exhibit at the United Nations in New York City and in Geneva, Switzerland about the impact of cluster bombs on civilians. Arnal has published three documentary photo books. In The Shadow of Power (Edizioni Charta, 2010) is a book about poverty and wealth discrepancy in Washington D.C. Voladores [“The Flyers”] (Editorial Meristemo, 2014) is a large-format book documenting a pre-Hispanic indigenous ritual dance in Mexico. Bordered Lives (The New Press, 2015) focuses on transgender culture in Mexico City. Kike has worked for a wide range of commercial and non-for-profit clients, including Leo Burnett, Coca-Cola, LAN Airlines, ARCUS Foundation, The World Bank and the United Nations.

GALLERY: Blink Group Fine Art
ARTIST: Claudio Castillo
Blink Group Fine Art Gallery is proud to present “The Ides of March” a series of generative clocks. These artworks maintain accurate time whilst never repeating, with predicted hours, minutes, lunar, and tidal phases in Miami. There will be a larger version of the piece at the entrance to the fair, a different piece from the series will be on view every day of the fair. These works are being generated and streamed live at www.claudiocastillo.com/live.

The name “The Ides of March” invokes history and symbolism, harkening back to the first full moon of each month and, perhaps most famously, to the day Julius Caesar met his fateful end. Yet, within the confines of an LED screen, an entirely new narrative unfolds. These generative clocks continually recompose original anima-tions, meticulously crafted by the artist, ensuring that no two moments are alike. At the heart of this artistry lies the artist’s deep exploration of portrait AI. Drawing inspiration from 18th-century masters like Gainsborough, Vandyke, and Goya, the artist fed the original mosaic portrait into the AI’s creative engine. What emerged were over a hundred distinct AI-generated portraits, each paying homage to its forebears. You can witness all the AI imagery during the first minute of every hour. The AI portraits elegantly sweep across the original mosaic using hundreds of meticulously crafted animated wipes, created by the artist’s hand.

Step into the extraordinary world of generative art – a ground-breaking, innovative fusion of human creativity and technology. This captivating artwork, displayed on a computer screen, offers a sensory journey that tran-scends the boundaries of conventional art. Created by a visionary artist, “The Ides of March” is not the product of generative AI or computer generated imagery, but the manifestation of human ingenuity. As you immerse yourself in this captivating display, the pupils within the artwork mirror your journey. They follow the minute moon, executing a graceful 360-degree rotation in a single hour. When your presence is detected by the camera, the pupils shift their gaze, tracking your motion with an uncanny responsiveness. Yet, they seamlessly return to their previous state when stillness prevails. A touch screen interface empowers you to traverse the currents of time, dragging your way backward through history’s tapestry. Each passing minute heralds a subtle transformation. The circle rotates, nudging the portraits from AI-generated renditions back to the original mosaic. The background layers, too, undergo a metamorphic hue regeneration, making every moment a fresh revelation. Prepare to be captivated, mesmerized, and immersed in a world where human imagination and technology dance in harmony. “The Ides of March” is not just an artwork; it is a revelation, a groundbreaking testament to the limitless potential of artistic innovation.

Claudio Castillo has shown his generative work in Art Fairs and Museums in the US and China since 2005.


GALLERY: Blink Group Fine Art
ARTIST: Tiffany Trenda
For over two decades, Tiffany Trenda has been at the forefront of exploring the intersection of performance and technology, delving into the convergence of the human body with the evolving technological landscape. With a focus on the phenomenology of the body and the concept of simulation, her work provides a profound reflection on the complexities of truth, identity, and representation. 
In “Beyond Performance,” Trenda ventures into the realm of performance art and artificial intelligence. Through the integration of Midjourney (an AI application) and her performance archive, she introduces a new dimension to the traditional understanding of the body in performance art. These imaginative performances only exist in the digital realm, blurring the boundaries between what is real and what is fictional. These imagined performances push the limits of what can be, challenging conventional notions of identity and representation within simulated experiences. 
This work invites viewers to contemplate the interplay between machine perception (how artificial intelligence interprets the performance art data set) and human subjectivity. They offer a new way we can understand and navigate the complexities of the body in the digital age.  
"Loss of Touch I and II," Tiffany Trenda deliberately obscures the hands of the figures to emphasize how AI has challenges in depicting hands. This gesture also demonstrates the machine's limitations in comprehending the intricacies of a body part that we, as humans, use to interact with the world. Furthermore, how AI is contributing to the decline of the handmade, essentially symbolizing the diminishing connection to tactile creation—a poignant expression of the "loss of touch." 
Tiffany Trenda has performed for over twenty years nationally and internationally including:  The Broad Museum Los Angeles, Art Center Nabi in South Korea, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Faena Art Center in Buenos Aires, Laboratorio Arte Alameda in Mexico City, Exploratorium:  The Museum of Science, Art & Human Perception in San Fransisco, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), Architecture + Design Museum Los Angeles, Brand Library and Art Center in California, Boulder Contemporary Art Museum, the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, China, and recently she performed during ARS Electronica in Linz, Austria. 

GALLERY: Nicolas Auvray Gallery
ARTIST: Clement Denis

Nicolas Auvray Gallery is thrilled to present the highly anticipated solo exhibition of emerging artist Clement Denis at its Chelsea location. The exhibition, titled “Innerworlds: Journey of A Motionless Nomad,” showcases a captivating collection of unseen ongoing and previous works, offering a unique and profound exploration of life and identity through the eyes of the painter. The exhibition marks Denis’ first solo show in New York City and promises to introduce a new step in his artistic development.

In “Innerworlds: Journey of A Motionless Nomad”, Clément Denis revisits the past five years of his life. Although marked by a period of stillness during the COVID-19 pandemic, his artistic spirit remained nomadic, transcending borders as his artworks traveled as far as Asia. During this time, Denis also expanded his artistic horizons, experimenting with new techniques such as woven paper and incorporating bird prints onto canvas. The exhibition unveils both these innova- tive techniques and explores new thematic dimensions within Denis rich artistic universe.

This exhibition unfolds accross three distinct timespaces, mirroring Clément Denis’s transformative journey over the past five years. These temporal and spatial dimen- sions are deeply intertwined with his
evolving palette of colors.