CONTEXT Art Miami hosts a series of dynamic exhibitions, solo presentations, new media work, and innovative developments in contemporary sculpture throughout the fair and public outside areas. 

2023 CONTEXT Special Solo Exhibitions



Jade Flower Gallery
ARTIST: Yang Yang Okkyung
Yang Okkyung, born in South Korea in 1966, majored in painting at Korea University and law at Yonsei University and also majored in painting at Hongik University Graduate School. She is the first painter who uses marker in the painting genre and coined the name “Marker Art” in 2012.She will go down in art history as a painter who pioneered a new genre of this name.
The basis of the academic theory of her works is based on the hologram cosmology like a multi universe. She had the same imagination as this theory since elementary school, and says “when I first came across with this theory as an adult, I was very happy.” 
Okkyung uses a process of Japanese liquid glue on mulberry paper and silk. Her artwork includes symbolism from the Chosun dynasty: carp symbolizes success and achievement; the tortoise means longevity; and the flowers represent the multi universes. What is special about Okkyung’s work, is that each contains multiple perspectives. Many of them have views from above and side view. For that reason, the paintings may seem unfamiliar to the viewer. 

White Space Art Asia
ARTIST: Ronald Apriyan 
Ronald Apriyan’s works are representative theses that marry his innovative belief to a strong artistic vision. He uses art as a medium to arrest and portray alternative narratives of quotidian lives and intermingle it with stories of the fantastical and the imaginary. His oeuvre deals with social observations and the intimate psyche of urban dwellers in a rapidly growing nation. For instance, one of his latest works, “Limousine”, was inspired by his desire to champion for genuine communal spirit in the face of its decline as his motherland moves towards urbanization. In spite of their underlying messages, Ronald’s works are still often playful and injected with humor. Ronald’s works transport and suspend viewers in a liminal space where personal history and cultural paradigms form the basis for a nascent, hybrid worldview.


The Rendon Gallery
ARTIST: Maria Greenshields-Ziman
Maria Greenshields-Ziman presented by The Rendon Gallery. Greenshields-Ziman is a UK born / Los Angeles based multidisciplinary artist whose work focuses on the exploration of organic systems and human intervention with an emphasis on environmental awareness and conservation. She invites a closer look at the world, introducing the notion of layers of perception waiting to be explored. 
The special solo exhibition will feature sculpture, drawings, paintings, and installation from Greenshields-Ziman’s most recent series Lucent Silva, Sub Aqua, and Shadows all of which focus on graphic representations of the natural world created with materials (spray paint, cardboard, metal, and light). The tension between subject matter and technique highlights the encroachment of human creativity and innovation into nature, even when we seek to pay homage to it.
Shown for the first time together, these complex and layered works provide insight into Greenshields-Ziman’s improvisational process and immersive study of organic elements, texture and pattern.


GR Gallery
ARTIST: Suanjaya Kencut
Suanjaya Kencut (Bali, 1994), derived his inspiration from the traditional Balinese art and modern art installations he grew up surrounded by the dolls are the main subjects in Kencut's work. He aims to bring them to life by placing them in real-life situations and they seem to live through human emotions, struggles and life joys. Titled “Guardian Galaxy”, this presentation will showcase a series of paintings focused on the exploration from different perspectives of the figure of an unconventional superhero.  The artist in his childhood, as most of the kids, has aways wondered if he could have become a superhero and fly up into the sky through the clouds, while wearing an old blanket as a cloak. But then was getting suddenly discouraged because the traditional characters are depicted as athletic, powerful, and dashing men and he didn't have the stocky, strong manly body seen every day on television. Another frustrating issue was that commonly all the aliens that were landing from other planets looked like monsters, were treated like enemies and needed to be exterminated. Kencut created his own planet inhabited by individuals who have radar shaped ears, used for communicating with each other, as well as connecting with living forms on other planets and in between galaxies where they can swarm with each other accepting everyone diversity, free from any discrimination, like an advanced social community.

GALLERY: De Haro Projects
ARTIST: Antonio Dominguez de Haro 
Legendary Artist Antonio Dominguez de Haro Presents
“Iconic” Collections of Oil on Canvas at CONTEXT | art miami
Heralded as a national treasure of Spain, with an Avenue named after him in Costa de Sol and soon-to-be built museum in Granada, Dominguez de Haro has been capturing the beauty and lyricism of the flora and fauna of the deep seas – giving a fantastical glimpse into the mysterious underwater world. 
“I am so excited to share the beauty and life of the ocean seen through my eyes with all visitors and collectors at CONTEX | art miami, which I have been so fortunate to have experienced throughout my entire life” says Antonio Dominguez de Haro.
Dominguez de Haro became a diver so that he could record and share with the world what he saw, with meticulous renditions layered with memory and imagination - creating works that have captivated collectors and the public for decades. 

Coagula Curatorial 
ARTIST: Donna Isham
Coagula Curatorial is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Los Angeles-based contemporary artist Donna Isham. Known for her captivating blend of abstract and figurative art, Isham draws inspiration from the world around her, infusing her work with a profound sense of emotion and perceptive depth that captivates viewers.
Titled "Alchemy," Isham's installation is a mesmerizing synthesis of abstraction and figuration, influenced by the enigmatic pursuits of Tang dynasty Chinese alchemists. Her richly inspired color palette spans from the deep, evocative red of cinnabar to the luminous gold, the ethereal whites and silvers of mercury, the fiery tones of sulfur, and the limitless expanse of the universe. The abstract elements in her pieces act as portals into uncharted emotional landscapes, resonating with human connections. Isham’s work is a  transcendent experience where art, music, and technology converge. Here, they encapsulate the very essence of alchemy, transmuting ordinary materials into profound emotional landscapes.

Offshoot Arts and artist Santiago Montoya (born 1974, Bogotá, Colombia) present a new collection of works that incorporate banknotes, coal, resin and tapestries. Through a broad spectrum of materials, the artist creates arresting works that explore notions of value and generate a discourse on nationalism, commodities and the universal consequences of the production and distribution of wealth. Often with a
tension between the playful and absurd, the precarity of chance and risk, Montoya implicitly investigates the fundamental fabric of our society; its systems and hierarchies that are the framework for the world we inhabit. Montoya transforms and transcends these innovative mediums into extraordinary works of art that challenge and seduce. The dreams and delusions of wealth and power are simultaneously conveyed in monumental works that capture the complexities of our time.
IG: offshoot_arts

Kush Fine Art
ARTIST: Vladimir Kush
World-renowned Artist Vladimir Kush founded his own genre of art known as “Metaphorical Realism.” Metaphor does not only belong to linguistic communication but can also be found in our daily life. Metaphor is the means of communication that we live by. First, the metaphor is aimed at the viewer's feelings and subconscious. It gives full rein to imagination, as it is the imagination that creates the connections between two seemingly different things. The painter's mission is to find a metaphorical "parallel" for every side of real life. The element of unexpectedness will shake up the viewer and awaken his artistic nature. The artist believes that the viewer's insight comes at once. It is not about discovering something new. The artist's role is to stimulate this subconscious process of remembering through his art. Kush founded his own chain of galleries “Kush Fine Art.”