CONTEXT Art Miami will host a series of dynamic exhibitions, solo presentations, new media work, and innovative developments in contemporary sculpture throughout the fair and public outside areas. 

2022 CONTEXT Special Solo Exhibitions

Santiago Montoya, Offshoot Arts

Colombian artist Santiago Montoya presented by Offshoot Arts, London. Born in 1974 in Bogotá, Colombia, Santiago Montoya now lives and works in Miami, USA. Montoya’s practice has been dedicated to the exploration of notions of value, nationalism, commodities and the universal consequences and nuances of the production and distribution of wealth. Initially a painter, an inspired digression was to incorporate the actual raw materials in his work – global currencies, gold, silver, copper and other precious materials – exposing the gulf between official state ideologies and reality itself. Montoya captures the collective consciousness, questioning the systems of power and shining a light on the disparities, injustices, and the absurd. Montoya’s works combine a wry humour and acute insight on a global subject that affects us all, and the inherent systems and structures that we live by.

Rock Therrien, Galerie LeRoyer

Galerie LeRoyer presents a solo exhibition by Rock Therrien. Therrien draws his ideas from everyday life, music, and memories of his childhood. As he seeks to capture the viewer’s attention through the subject of his work and his palette of colours, his explosively vibrant works are always lined with a touch of humor. His latest production focuses on universal icons: cartoons. These timeless characters, known and loved by young and old people alike, provide a feeling of cheerfulness, inevitably reminding the viewer of their own childhood memories. A superposition of collages, repetitive patterns made with stencils and various writings adorn the background. The works of Rock Therrien have significant texture and depth that make the viewer smile with nostalgic humor. The artist likes to hint at the process of construction of his compositions and his sketches.

Yuiko Rayka, Gallery G-77

Yuiko Ráyka presented by Gallery G-77. RÁYKA and Gallery G-77 will present an interactive and creatable light installation work named "SELFVERSE" that viewers can create by themselves. The viewer uses a flashlight to shine the light on reflective materials, and the illusionary reflections are projected on the walls. This action and phenomenon is called "Selfverse" in this work. The "Selfverse" is the viewer's own world of infinite possibilities. The viewer can freely rearrange the reflective materials to evolve his or her "Selfverse" and also collaborate with other viewers to expand it. This work may stimulate the viewer's creativity, imagination and possibility that is important for us humans to create a new era. This exhibition will also offer the option of an extended experience of the artwork using XR technology.

Richard Orlinski, Galeries Bartoux

Galeries Bartoux
presents Richard Orlinski. has been the biggest selling contemporary French artist in the world since 2015. He began his artistic career in 2004 and created his first work, a bright red resin crocodile, which soon became an iconic piece in the sculptor’s bestiary.The artist took inspiration from pop culture, everyday objects, popular things. Richard Orlinski soon developed new sculptures, often of animals, all symbols of freedom, power and passion. The result: electrifying works of art, in pop colours and a faceted style, that would be seen all around the world. Exhibiting his works, often of spectacular dimensions, in unusual places and the great outdoors soon became his signature.

Masaro Ozaki

Shukado+Scena presents Masaro Ozaki. OZAKI is an artist, motion designer, and graphic designer from Tokyo, Japan, who creates various digital artworks such as short films, TV show title movies, VFX, VR, and AR. He is a leading physical augmented sculpture artist, including works using projection mapping inside glass cases, and his work ranges from table-sized pieces to large public art as well as visual effects for stages, concerts, and events. He is one of the founders of the "Forced Sense Motion" movement, which adds a unique interpretation of the "memory" that people feel to the natural "motion" of objects that can be recognized as objects. It is an expression of emotion that can be sensed in the movement of "falling" that Ozaki has consistently pursued, and he creates this expression by using hand-applied movements (motion sketches).
He continues to explore the past, present, and possibilities through "motion of objects" while developing a variety of styles, such as projecting light as particles onto trees, fusing with traditional Japanese crafts such as kumiko work, stage design, and opening animation for TV programs.

Mikael B.

Taglialatella Galleries presents Mikael B. Mikael B fully manages to transform impressions and experiences into an abstract design language that exudes energy and joy as he creates his conceptual works of art with spray and acrylic. As an urban contemporary artist, Mikael B has developed his own identity and special signature, deeply rooted in his early years as a graffiti artist. From the start, Mikael sought to depart from the traditional ways; he has his own, unmistakable style, which he is eager to share with the outside world. His life unfolds on the basis of an awareness of being present and acting in the present.

Jordi Molla, UVA Gallery

Jordi Mollà presented by UVA Gallery
. Molla, also known as Jo for those close to him, was born in Barcelona in 1968. Growing up, he had dreams of living in the US and through his life’s pursuits was able to not just live in the US, but Europe and Asia as well. Through all this worldly experience, he has become a citizen of the world and has been able to captivate that in his various art styles. From actor, director, writer, to artist, he is multidisciplinary, a virtuoso in all his artistic endeavors. Drawing inspiration from his time spent on the silver screen, as well as behind the camera, Molla has gifted audiences with his ability to tell stories through his paintings. A master of mediums, he is able to combine realistic view of the world while simultaneously transporting us to a world beyond with his dreamy and masterfully chaotic color schemes.