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Dufour Laetitia (Curator)


constantly seeking to forge and renew close ties with their artists as much as with their collectors and the different audiences they meet.
A constant work of creating synergies serving the artistic scene, based on confidence, and an aesthetic approach that is both intellectual and sensory.

Presenting a plurality of media, the gallery exhibits, disseminates and promotes creations that reflect concerns and transformations, both singular and collective.

Initially located rue Duret in Paris, the gallery has been installed since 2016 at 7bis rue des Saints-Pères, Paris 6th, in the heart of the “Carré Saint-Germain”. Meanwhile, the gallery took a break, an interlude, in the ochre city with Galerie Duret Marrakech on the occasion of a pop-up exhibition; “Turning point” that notably enabled the founding couple to develop new ways of conceiving their work.
Also present in the Belgian capital since 2014, the gallery is moving in 2020, and inaugurates its new space with garden, in Brussels, this time in the district of Ixelles; space that will allow the development of a program of outdoor sculptures.

Thus, with its two spaces Galerie Duret Paris and Ixelles / Bruxelles, the gallery reiterates, 10 years after its creation, its commitment, still as strong, with its artists and collectors.

Kean Sur la plage de la Corniche

Ronald Mugabe Children Are The Future

Nicolas Dubreuille Sans Titre Ref 370

About the Artist

Based in Mulhouse, France, the abstract painter Kean impresses the viewer with his flawless perfection of gradients.
Between the immensely large and the infinitely small lives a dreamlike world. There is no feed for a narrative to awaken the memory of the journey, of a horizon, near or far. The landscape is only signified, it is a question of letting the spectator define it. The light seems to espace beyond the frame, ignoring the limits as much as the dimensions of the work, often with the help of borders also borrowed from the photography. The luminosity imposes peace in the space, like a vision of freedom.
Ronald Mugabe is born in 1992 in Kampala, Ouganda.

After spending most of his childhood as a homeless orphan in the slums of Kampala, Ronald was discovered by an international NGO, which offered him shelter and access to formal education. It was during this period that the artist discovered his passion and natural ability for drawing and painting. Soon after, he was offered a scholarship to join Uganda's most prestigious art school, the Michelangelo School of Creative Arts, where he graduated with a degree in fine art and textile design. His work explores themes of hope, triumph and freedom.

Ronald Mugabe, with his expressive and bold style, creates works that reflect the complexities of the human condition. His paintings explore social and political struggles, issues of justice and freedom. His masterful use of color and form captures attention and invites the public to confront sometimes disturbing realities.

Ronald's incredible personal history and artistic prowess have earned him a place in the collections of some of Europe's most prominent collectors, such as the Malta King Collection in Sweden and the Cordaro Collection in the United States. He has also recently entered the permanent collection of the Ugandan Embassy in London and is included in many international galleries including Europe and North America.
Abstract outdoor original sculpture