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ART_020 represents a unique collection of curated art by award winning artists who live and work in the Amsterdam area. The vibrant local art scene of Amsterdam harbours a great number of interesting painters, sculptors and photographers, from emerging to well acclaimed, whose talents may not always be known outside The Netherlands. It is our mission to create an international stage for the best Dutch contemporary art through exhibiting at international art fairs and exhibitions around Europe.

Mo Cornelisse Lost Toys - gold

Eline de Jonge Shadows on Sand - Surf IV

Sandi Gehring Raw Linen panels #26#27#28

About the Artist

Mo is an international ceramist artist who seeks the challenge in simplicity and material contradictions. Her work consists of unique pieces in porcelain often combined with gold leaf. She uses modern techniques in creating her objects but always with love for traditional craftsmanship. She looks for boundaries in form and material.

The works are three-dimensional and are distinguished by shape and simplicity.
These Lost Toys are 20"H but also in an outdoor version in resin that is 60" H x 16" W
Her “Wall Objects” series involves geometric forms arranged into various wave-like formations, reminiscent of light reflections. A unique design process of a tailor-made lay-out depending on the clients’ wall space.
This painting is part of De Jonge's new series Shadows on Sand. De Jonge worked on this from her studio in Cadaques Spain. Silhouettes on the beach on a bright sunny day which washes away the colors. Oil paint on raw linen. De Jonge observes the interaction between people in her work, mostly in cities like New York and Paris. In addition this new series and Shadows on White showing skiers in the Alps. The focal point of De Jonge is mostly from a birds-eye perspective.

These panels took shape as an extension of my landscape abstractions. The individual forms were extracted from the composition and given the freedom to float and fall, similar to large pebbles rolling down a mountainside. This series is more constructed with balance in mind. The conversation between dark-light, large-small, connected-unconnected. Painted directly onto raw linen and presented unframed and unconfined.