Galerie Carole Kvasnevski

Justin Ebanda

About the Artist

"My work is developped around questions linked to collective memory, especially the one which affects HUMANS". Justin Ebanda

This artwork is part of a collection entitled LES MIMETIQUES, which raises a series of questions, in particular about the psychological neurosis of colonisation on current generations of all colonised peoples - particularly those of Africa, where I come from.
Some of the works in this series use poses of colonists and colonised people taken from archives. raises in particular the question of systemic invisibilisation through education in Africa : of girls and women, of histories, practices or people, of some memories. How do we learn, transmit, get knowledge ? Is it only through books and encyclopaedia or do the signs, patterns, symbols, motifs carry this function ? Our identities are multiple and diverse, we acknowledge it more and more... How to deal with our social masks, with our digital entities and our physical existences ? Some answers, solutions and ideas might arise from Justin Ebanda's work.