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Wen Donghua

Han Jiacheng

Li Xiaotong


Fouded in 2015, Common Art Center is the first contemporary art gallery with crowdfunding membership system in China. Jointly initiated by curators, art brokers, collectors and other profesionals in the field of arts, it is committed to providing professional collection solutions for contemporary art collectors with a new business model.The gallery takes those works as the main research and management direction,which take paper as a medium, because of the importance of such works in the Chinese art system and the broad development prospects in the future. Excellent artists who use paper and folk art as the medium make paper a tool to resist its fate, and let it get rid of the obscurity of function and show its own artistic value.

The focus of the Common Art Center is always the contemporary art transformation of Chinese traditional culture and folk skills. The so-called meta-modern art was first used to describe the cultural and artistic phenomenon that takes itself as the original element, ranging from popular TV dramas, music, video games, new media films to contemporary art. It is expressed in art as various images cross the historical and cultural boundaries of the medium, refering to and appropriating each other. While we take the oriental aesthetics of traditional Chinese culture as the meta, and pay attention to and find out the international artists who are creating around the meta culture.

The crowdfunding model of the Common Art Center provides a very good place for high-end people, where collectors can store some of their favorite works at lower prices than the market, and can participate in the growth of artists and the art center. Common art and shared collection are the core values of the gallery. In 2019, the Common Art Center relocated to the 798 Core Art District and established the ART WAVE and ART CAC projects.

Henggui Ye Daily

TU TU Kingdom

Henggui Ye Winter sunshine

Henggui Ye Napkin

Henggui Ye Composition of the window frame

Henggui Ye Colored window frames

Neung kwon Artistic Rainy Day

Neung kwon Court Ladies Adorned by Floral Ornament

Qiurui Du Double Sided Gift

Qiurui Du A Portrait Of A Good Domestic Family

TU TU Conquer Series

TU TU Kingdom Series

TU TU Kingdom Series

Junjie Jin Rainbow Rain

Junjie Jin Wait for the wind to come

About the Artist

The artist gives a poetic dimension to the mundane daily landscape, giving the trivial everyday a unique charm.
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TUTU excels at creating graffiti-style works, in which characters, geometric forms and fragmented stories seem chaotic, but are actually the product of the artist's induction. Whether ancient or modern, whether foreign or domestic, space and universe, they are all placed in TUTU's mind in no particular order, and are arbitrarily extracted when creating.
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