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"Two years ago I planted in my garden this tulip and totally forgot about it. This year it grew and and I caught my attention. The petals looked like a butterfly's wings, its fragility, shapes and the way the light reflected on it; I got fascinated.
I took the flower into my little home studio and studied it for a long time before taking a picture of it with my 8x10’ camera. Originally I only wanted one picture but I ended up with taking 15 over the next two days, also some in color. Looking at the negatives, I selected 6 and turned it into a little series.
First tests platinum test prints got me really excited. I wanted strong contrasts with a lot of energy in the shades like I usually do it with my portraiture works. For that I used a small soft-box. I also used a polarizing filter in front of the soft-box and the lens, which also created an emphasis on the structure by eliminating all reflections on the details.
The print is a handmade platinum print enriched with a lot of gold. The platinum gives the rich and deep blacks and the gold makes the highlights and midtones shine."
Jan C. Schlegel
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From Buffalo Bill to Billy the Kid, cowboys have played an iconic role in American history. The thrill of the Wild West has become a major trait of pop culture, leading to numerous TV shows and movies. Symbol of an ideal masculinity represented by American icons such as John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, the Marlboro Man, or the Lone Ranger, the image of cowboys has evolved in parallel with society. Since the 00s, Hollywood has allowed a more nuanced sexual orientation with movies such as Brokeback Mountain (2005). In this way, the Hollywood Cowboy as a generic icon has redefined modern conceptions of heterosexuality and masculinity.
With this photograph, Dean West digs further into the cowboy's theme with this full-length studio portrait of Cade and a black stallion named Veleno. The deliberate sobriety of the background drives the viewer straight to the essence of the subject while the choice of black and white highlights the classic silhouette of the prancing horse, the cowboy and his hat.
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Unlike many other gregarious birds, flamingos, pictured here in a group, or “flamboyance,” are also unusually cooperative breeders: rather than defending just their own newly hatched offspring, the birds gather their ungainly, flightless young together in a creche, which is then defended by just a few designated guardians. This innovative day-care system frees the rest of the adults to spend their entire day foraging, allowing the birds to gather more food and feed more mouths without increasing the risk of predation.

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