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Blink Group was born from a love of art and friendships. Our mission is to ensure that every detail of our artist/client relationship is perfect. With extensive experience in sales, marketing, and client relations, Blink Group works to create and foster the collaboration between artist, gallery, museum, and media.

Blink Group believes that by building meaningful bonds within the art world, unique painting, sculpture, installations, photography, video and new media, can reach a broader audience giving everyone the chance to be transformed. Blink Group excels at pairing diverse artists with the appropriate venue, and promotion. Our goal is to create a singular experience for art lovers and emerging artist alike.

Sujetos de Ciudad Serie, 2022

Nike Dat - AJ1r "Refracted Perceptions"

Mac Salom Aka (Mactivo) Inside Panther

Juan Pablo Gutiérres B Treasure Leaves

Veronica Matiz LAZOS


Christian Abusaid Blue & Fucsia on raw linen



Pablo Fernandez Jr Gold Fish


About the Artist

*All brush strokes are made in one single stroke, shapes
and gestures will vary.
South African Woman Choir Singer, London Stereoscopic Company, 1891
unique piece.
The photographic image is cut in little fragments,
each one of them is fixed on the acrylic lamina
by a pin at different depths.
Manifesting a body without organs, neither muscles nor bones,
the image does not try to show what it represents.
Rather, it shows what is manipulated by it, the body preserved in time.
The pin injures the photo and the body, but simultaneously,
it conserves it like an insect collection.
Neither the wall nor the acrylic lamina contains the image.
The photographic skin is taken off and is dispersed around itself,
its nature is unstable.
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Framed in a thick dark wood floater
Trees are poems the earth writes on the landscape, the cityscape, and the sky.
They have been one of Lombana´s original inspirations since he was a young boy. He started by planting
them with his father. Later on, he photographed them all over the world. In England, Japan, France,
Holland, the United States, and from the mangrove swamps on the Colombian pacific coast, passing
through the andes mountains tops to the amazon jungle and other places.
The world is Lombana´s studio, and one of his
favorite places in this studio is under a tree.
Besides the esthetic and energetic rush
that travels throughout his veins
when he photograph one is the
existential realization when he
have encountered sequoias that
were alive during the roman
To plant a tree is a
great satisfaction, knowing
that he probably won’t be
around when it grows up, so
he can photograph it with his
fish eye lens.
The cherry blossom and its brief
blossoming have symbolic meaning
for buddhists. It is associated with
temporality and the transient nature of
beauty and life, but also with the cycle of
transformation of life, which is why it is also
associated with rebirth.
Trees are not only beautiful but are necessary for the survival of humans. This collection of photographs is
Lombana´s homage to the trees. They taught him about life. The value of the roots. The capacity to change
by observing the color and the aroma of their leaves. The character of their presence.