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Maria Cecilia Maguire

Maria Cristina de la Vega (Owner)


AC Contemporary Art is embedded in the art market in Argentina since 2004. Fairs presenting us in international art.
Our proposal seeks to show sections of the new Argentine art, some of the many artistic expressions of young artists whose works seek techniques and materials are varied, a mapping of Buenos Aires, without thereby be subject. We understand the international art fairs as a large window display and a great opportunity for our most outstanding and creative artists.

Mauro Arbiza Nacimiento + Celeste

Marcela Solana Rush

Marianela Perez The tree

Dalia Berlin Menina El portal

Patricia Soto N/T

About the Artist

The work belongs to the was inspired by the F1 (Formula 1) racing cars and the adrenaline that these bring. I grew up surrounded by cars, racing and learning a lot about it. However, lately the F1 has been adored by many, increasing its popularity furthermore and I am truly excited by the end result of these artworks!
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It is possible that when creating the defense mechanisms and the
unconscious becomes tangible, allowing us to find light in diverse situations. Which
What I do is transform and decompose the elements to give another reading since there is an aesthetic need in me to change everything that captures my vision of the environment.
I want to transmit and highlight emotions and states of mind that produce stability,
enjoyment or pleasure, recreating a less gray world; more colorful and open to magic. Starting
of this idea, I try to make the experience of transforming reality last longer than the
Dalia Berlin is enamored by every aspect of creation, from research to ideation,
mixing colors as well as textures, shaping each project into their final form. She has
demonstrated an innovative way of drawing inspiration from Velazquez, one of the
most celebrated masters from her birth country of Spain, as many of her signature
pieces include a reinterpretation of the iconic figure of Las Meninas.
Whether working on two-dimensional canvases or in the round sculptures she
seeks to deliver a modern-day rendition of the royal legacy of the past and deliver it
with a fresh approach by mixing in global cultural references while exploring various
art movements. She highlights the tactile language to engage the viewer through
mixed media in her canvases and in sculptures by using raw and up-cycled building
materials. For Berlin, the act of creating is a form of evolving escapism. Such is the
immersive flow of energy she feels during the process, says Dalia, that when she takes
a step back and looks at the progress, she often wonders how it magically appears in
front of he
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