Blue Gallery

Delray Beach
United States


Mixing sophisticated flare with contemporary art, Blue Gallery is a gathering place where art collectors and enthusiasts can embrace the energy and panache of downtown Delray Beach. The alluring open loft-style galleries feature landscapes, abstracts, semi-realistic, and figurative styles by many internationally acclaimed contemporary artists and sculptors. Blue Gallery is known for its exclusive collection of Israeli art as well as many other renowned artists.

The artists represented by Blue Gallery are:
David Schluss, Calman Shemi, Avi Ben-Simhon, Isaac Maimon, Isaac Kahn,
Iris Eshet Cohen, Marcus Botbol, Stacy O’Nell, Zsuzsanna Luciano, Lenner Gogli, Sveta Esser, Alex Pauker, Joel Amit, Amir Genislaw, Redhead, Ron Agam and more…

For more information on these artists or gallery events please contact:
Blue Gallery
600 - 616 E. Atlantic Ave.
Delray Beach, FL 33483
Tel: 561-265-0020

Sveta Esser Contemporary- Frida in Color

David Schluss Paragon

Joel Amit FULL Sun Mini - Black/Grey Butterflies on Black

RED HEAD Desert Series - Joshua Tree

About the Artist

From Esser's Pixel Series, she uses heavy palette knife strokes to create a textural image of the Iconic Frida Kahlo.
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David Schluss combines colors and textures directly onto the canvas with his fingertips and the palm of his hands. "Paragon" is the perfect example of his classic whimsy with his mélange of unique color blends and figurative imagery.
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Influenced by nature and its coexistence with the computerized world, Amit created his “staccato” movement, a representation of the beauty and spontaneity of life to the edgy digital plastic age. Each vibrantly painted metal piece is strategically set in planes of space and become magical in with rhythmic energy.
Amit finds the contrast and process of forming heavy and cold steel into graceful, flowing works of art “liberating”.
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Red Head's dynamic paintings are abstract in nature, yet have a lot of rhythm and movement throughout the composition. He is a master of merging colors together in a way that creates a seamless balance where the viewer can feel the movement of the painting.
The medium of Red Head’s paintings is a combination of techniques from brush paint to dripping and splatter, all while creating a symmetry between the warm and cold color blend. Each painting pulls the observer in to experience the energy and vivacity of the piece.
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