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2513CB The Hague
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Ebenezer Loye (Director)


Gallery Chiefs & Spirits was established in 1992. It provides a forum for international Artists from Africa, Europe, Asia and Americas. The primary goal is to create artistic platform without borders. The gallery is housed in a monumental building in the historical part of The Hague. It has two exhibition rooms.
Apart from regular shows organized in the gallery, Chiefs & Spirits participates in national and international art fairs.

Toyin Loye "Universes in Universe"

Peter George d'Angelino Tap Tap_Sartorial Flower 2, gold

About the Artist

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"My design philosophy is shaped by navigating various art disciplines. It all starts with a simple 'straight piece of fabric', which I approach from a multi-dimensional perspective. Many of the materials are created in my own atelier, where intricate needle felting and embroidery also find their way into my tapestries."
--Peter George d'Angelino Tap