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Rodney Kazemi (Art Advisor)

Mehron Zadeh (Director)

Natalie Carner (Project Coordinator)


Connect Contemporary is dedicated to promoting contemporary artists both domestically and internationally. We aim to introduce contemporary artists to the global market as well as to discover and support emerging new talent. The Gallery strives to represent artists, through our gallery partners, whose unique work transcends the aesthetic and challenges the intellect. Our passion is to bring thought-provoking artwork to avid art lovers and collectors around the world. Our efforts are to connect people to the profound lifelong expression that is art.

Henrik Abedian Life

Limited Edition of 15
Double Sided Archival Pigment Print on Acrylic Glass

Henrik Abedian Nothingness is the Outline of Familiar

About the Artist

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Henrik Abedian, "Nothingness is the Outline of Familiar", Limited Edition of 15, Archival Photo Sublimation on Aluminum with White Gloss, 30 x 30"
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