22 Warren Street
NY 10007 New York
United States
Phone: (212) 924 2025
Mobile Ph: (917) 353 8447
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Victor Shin (Associate)

Nana Lee (Director)


BLANK SPACE is where the worlds of art and culture converge. Our gallery showcases work from emerging and established visual artists, creating a platform that supports contemporary art. We foster the development and exhibition of experimental art forms and encourage innovative art practices.

Since 2009, BLANK SPACE has showcased works of more than 40 visual artists, presenting a new group or solo exhibition every month in average.

BLANK SPACE is located in New York.

Byung Jin Kim Double Drawings

Arno Elias Trio

Kyu Hak Lee Monument- New York Movie

Hyun Yoo Untitled (Marilyn Monroe)

Yuki Matsueda Super Egg Pack

Hyun Sook Jeong Before and After

Sang-Sik Hong Mouth 195 (W)

Byung Jin Kim Double Drawing

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