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Mary Mattingly Are We There Yet?

BREAKFAST Vanishing Forest

About the Artist

Fueled by humor and nostalgia, Mattingly utilizes pop and graphic images that resonate with her
all-American upbringing and penchant to find wit and absurdity in the ordinary and mundane. Her approach to the artistic process is uncomplicated: she forgoes the cerebral for the intuitive, and unambiguous over the abstruse, adding her own blend of nostalgia and whimsy.
The Vanishing series explores how precious objects in our world can be fragile and short-lived based on our level of engagement and/or neglect. Temporary Forest explores the idea that only by taking action can we help prevent the devastation of global deforestation—with the black and white image representing the emptiness left by a lost forest, and the underlying green image representing a landscape saved.

The green image is revealed as one moves their hand/body in front of the piece, only to be swallowed again by the black and white image after a short time.

The artwork is made from electromagnetic Flip-Discs— a medium engineered by BREAKFAST.